One shot...hope you like!

It was bedtime and my mom had just finished tucking me in. Now came the traumatizing part of this dreaded hour… the turning off of the lights. Once they were turned off my mom closed the door behind her, and my real life nightmares began.

In the sheer dark, my mind began to go wild without my noticing. I saw a dark shadow descend from the floor and it got so big it touched the ceiling and once again went down to the floor. I turned my head away from the shadow to stare at nothing. That's when I heard a faint groan from underneath my bed, and then the mattress quivered. I shook my head and gulped waiting for the sounds and images to stop. I turned and got in a fetal position hoping that'll make me go to sleep faster, but of course it didn't work out that way.

As I was lying in my fetal position, trying to sleep, I saw a glimpse of my teddy bear moving its head towards me and then standing up, maybe to get a better view. I instinctively went under my covers hoping that would protect me, but I was still scared. I felt like my skin was moving and when I looked, I saw that something was on my sheets, and was crawling into the covers. I got too scared to stay and jolted out of my bed and room.

I was outside in the messy hall, where evil lurked and hid in its corners. I already knew the hall was haunted, but I needed to get to the stairs. I did not turn on the lights because I was afraid that if I did there would be a creature waiting to gauge out my eyes and eat me. I took careful steps, to make sure the monsters in my room and hall didn't hear me, and finally got to the stairs. The stairs seemed to stretch down to the pits of nothingness in the dark. So I crept to the small tables in my hall and open the drawers and got the Sword of Chin, my personal weapon to fight against evil.

I sneaked back to the stairs and turned on the sword, which I named Chin in honor of its creator, China. Slowly I made my way down to the bottom floor, and almost immediately, I saw an ultimate figure of darkness waiting for me at the entrance to the guest bathroom. I scared away the evil girl with the Sword of Chin, and moved on, but I knew she had returned.

I went through the Land of Porci, where its doll minions stood and watched me from atop of their hypnotizing weapon, which my parents called a television. The Porci Dolls started throwing disk and daggers but with the sword I managed to escape safely. My destination was near, the last challenge was to find the light switch before the Mask Captor and the evil girl find and kill me. I held my sword closely and moved it everywhere so that there could be no surprise attacks. I reached for the switch and turned on the light, which scared off the Mask Captor and his minion.

My mom slowly woke up and stared at me with lazy eyes. "Josephine, What are you doing up?" she asked me. I was going to reply but she stood and walked over to me before I could answer and said "what in the world are doing with the flashlight? Oh boy, give it me, I'll put it back tomorrow." I handed over my weapon and said "Can I sleep with you? I don't want to get attacked." She sighed and went over to her bed and patted the mattress signaling me to come up. I went in first and she turned off the lights and followed. She wrapped her arm around me, and suddenly all the monsters were gone.

My father just waking up asked wearily "what's wrong?"

My mother responded with a "Hush" and I went to sleep.