Daniel Dean David Dance

Daniel Dean David Dance

Would not clean the pots and pans.

Or the cups, or the dishes,

Or the bowls that held the fishes.

He'd vacuum, dust, clean, and mop,

Even though his parents said "STOP."

"Go clean the dishes," they would say,

But Daniel Dance would run away.

When he came back, what a surprise!

The pile of dishes was up to his eyes!

Now poor Daniel wishes

That he had cleaned the dishes.

But now, of course, it was too late,

For he'd already sealed his fate.

"Up to your room, and there you'll stay

Not to be seen another day!"

That is what his parents did say,

And so he couldn't come out to play.

Poor Daniel Dean David Dance,

Maybe next time he'll clean the pots and pans.

A short little poem I wrote in seventh grade for an English assignment. I thought you might like it, so let me know what you think