slide the cd into the player,

and i anticipate the tracks coming up,

they come across,

like a beautiful melody stringing into my ears,


i close my eyes,

and listen intently,

they open quickly,

as i realize,


everything reminds me of you,

every word relates to my feelings,

how i wish that you'd sing to me,

the lyrics stick into my head,


skip, skip,

they replay,

constantly on my mind,

i can't get rid of you,


i want to be dancing into your arms,

catch me,

because i've fallen so deep for you,

and i can't help myself,


i need your loving,

and the songs are just one reminder of how you are,

you follow me everywhere,

i can't escape my darkest desires,


i try to run away from you,

but i just come towards you,

my steps are rhythmic,

we make a perfect song,


i'll be the lyrics,

and you can be the beat,

just don't let it skip,



your words beat me soundlessly,

and they intermingle with the sounds of your voice,

your presence means everything to me,

and my heart reacts to just to your name,


every song i write,

are all about you,

you're my inspiration,

my everything,


but, i still decide to keep you my 'dirty little secret',

i feel like our relationship is on stilts,

so high above,

head up in the clouds,


although i fall sometimes,

i want you to be there to catch me,

just catch me,

i don't want anymore skips,


in our symphony.