Damsel and her Dragon

Damsel Darling lived up high in the mountains overlooking the valley below where the kingdom of Dankie Dokie laid peacefully nestled between each end of the valley. Damsel lived in a magic cave with her dragon companion Drake.

Drake was a handsome scaly green dragon with a fondness for pretty things. To his enemies he was a ferocious and terrible thing to behold, but he was not a mean dragon. Damsel loved him with all her heart, and he loved her.

Unfortunately though, the king loved Damsel too. For he was her father. He would send many brave knights to fight Drake and bring Damsel back to him, but they always failed. This made the king very sad.

Sometimes Damsel would miss her father, and she would be very sad also. Once the dragon tried to please her by bringing her father to her in the cave. Although they were both very happy to see each other, the king couldn't run his kingdom very well from way up high in the mountains; so Drake had to take him back to the castle.

One day while Drake was out hunting, a lone knight made his way up to the dragon's cave, and upon finding Damsel there by herself, returned her to the king at once.

At first, Damsel was happy to be home with her father again, but then she started to miss Drake, and became very sad. Damsel's father tried everything he could to make her happy, but nothing worked.

Drake himself was also very sad. When he returned from hunting and found Damsel missing, he immediately attacked the kingdom of Dankie Dokie. He ate all the livestock and breathed fire on the castle and demanded that the king give him back his Damsel.

The king refused to give up Damsel now that he'd just gotten her back, but he was worried that the kingdom would starve if Drake kept eating all the livestock. The castle was always smoky, too. Which isn't very good for the eyes. Then, Damsel Darling got an idea. So she told her father her idea, and he called for a meeting with Drake the Dragon. They all sat down together and came to an agreement. If Drake would stop eating the kingdom's livestock and breathing fire on the castle, then every Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening Damsel could go visit him up in his cave. He was also welcome to come down and visit her anytime he liked (as long as he promised not to eat the livestock).

And so, with that agreement, they all lived happily ever after.