The Freak Show:

"Don't be afraid of whom you are nor the fear you instill,
Only fear Fear itself."

So says a nameless jester.
His words clatter into nothingness
As does the card in the spokes of a unicycle.
Recycle any words of wisdom you have received
From the ringmaster,
And don't be saddened when it amounts
To little more than false comfort.
Knowledge is the one thing that separates us
From the dancing bears we call "Performers",
But in all reality, who are we to talk when
We our selves sit within a hula-hoop
Within a cage?
You can try to juggle life's struggles
And the lies that get tossed about before your
Weary face, but it's not like you even notice
The shackles of "Growth" around your throat
Or the rip of the whip as it lashes you toward "Success".
Those bears are looking familiar now aren't they?
Almost as if you're lost within a mirrored funhouse;
Cackling and crying as you spin and crash into your own mistakes.
Course, it's too late to reflect now.
You've shattered all the fucking mirrors with your ugly
Egotism and ludicrous lies you call "Security".
Why must you play blame games?
You fund those tigers as they snarl at nothing.
You worship that being who hasn't done a damn thing for you,
And you roll over just to have your puppy-dog tummy
Stomped on by the past.
During all of these politics,
Did it ever occur to you what you should really fear?
Fear the freaks that star in this farce we call "World Order".