A/N: Its Pretty Self-Explanatory.

Dear You,

This, whatever this is, can go on no longer.

I love you. But you were to ask me if I do my answer would be no.

I want you but if you were to kiss me I'd push you away.

The only certainty in love is that someone will end up heartbroken.

You proved that to me.

I'm the one hurt and I'm sure you couldn't care less.

One day you'll realize what it is you lost. Who it is you let go.

That's what everyone tells me anyway.

See I have trouble believing that cuz a person like you has no regrets. You charge into things head first, regardless of what you think the consequences might be.

You coerced me to let my guard down. Convinced me to feel when I didn't want to. I shouldn't have listened to you, I know now. But then, my own ignorance blinded me to my instinct.

And while I will never regret you, I will regret the wrongs we did to one another.

Forgiveness is a part of my nature but for me to be able to say I hate you with such ease and mean it is a sign. A bad one.

If you should ever come across this letter I will make these my closing words:

I love you with all of my heart
I hate you with everything in me.

I hope I never see you again.


The One You Let Get Away

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