California Dreamin'

I balanced on the doorway

Not daring to step on the cold, rained porch

My arms supported my body by holding on to the door and the wall

I leaned out as far as I could, losing hearing of the thrum of A/C

I smiled and looked down

Like a suicide jumper proud of dying in his own right

Or a ballerina poised for dance

Stripping off my socks, I joined the chirping crickets

The rain caressed my skin, detoxing it from civilization's impurities

I saw lightning

I heard thunder

I felt rain

I breathed fog

My breathes became silent and my feet became numb

I leaned over my porch and dreamed

I dreamed of redwood forests

Of wind from the water

Of crepes from cafes

Of Alcatraz and chocolate

Of street performers and Chinatown

Of earthquakes and butterflies

Of peace and love

Of going back