Tyler goes to an all boys boarding school and captain of the baseball team. But at the start of his junior year he is already almost failing all of his classes. If he doesn't get his act together he'll get kicked off the team and that is somethig he doesn't want.

The only one that can help him is the school's resident genius and new kid Ethan. Ehan agrees to help. But the more time Tyler spends with Ethan, the more he notices that there is something off about him and Tyler wants to find out what it is. Remember this story is BL so if you don't like that sort of thing don't read it.

Character Profiles:

Tyler Robberts:
Birthday April 23
16 years old
very dark brown hair, almost black and green eyes

Ethan Peterson:
Birthday January 16
15 years old
Brown hair and light blue eyes

Johnny Hastings:
Birthday March 15
17 years old
black hair and brown eyes

Jason Hastings:
Birthday February 14
15 years old
black hair and big brown eyes

Chapter1: Meeting the New Kid

Tyler couldn't help but to let out a frustrated sigh; things had been going so well for him. That was until his coach talked to him. He was getting D's in every single one of his classes and the school year had just started.

He was a junior in high school, but not just any school. It was a boarding school, a very expensive boarding school. Not that his parents couldn't afford it, he just couldn't stand the thought of the lecture he would get if he flunked out. The worse part of this whole bad grade thing though was that he would no longer be captain of the baseball team. In fact he would be kicked off the team.

He had been waiting to be captain since he heard about the team in sixth grade; when he was sent to the junior version of this boarding school. Basically the boarding school had two levels. Very similar to the way public schools are set up. Sixth through eighth grade went to one school. Then when you graduated you moved up to the high school level.

There was no way Tyler was willing to give up his captaincy. He would do almost anything to keep it. Now he was waiting once again to talk to his coach. His coach was actually willing to be the go between him and the dean of the school. It was one of the first times the coach was actually being helpful.

Not that he was a bad coach; okay he was a bad coach. He wasn't a bad person, most of the time. He basically liked the prestige of being the coach of one of the best high school baseball teams in the country. As long as their team kept winning they basically could pretty much coach themselves. Tyler was sure this was the reason the team had been winning for the past twenty years.

"Well me and the dean figured out a way for you to still to be captain and continue playing," the coach said breaking into his thoughts.

"What is it?" Tyler asked excitedly glad that he was being given a second chance.

"Well," the coach said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Just spit it out Walt!" Tyler said getting frustrated referring to the coach by his first name, which they were suppose to avoid doing during school hours.

"Here it goes, but I don't think your going to like it," Tyler felt his heart drop. Then he nodded for Walt to continue.

"First off you have to continue to raise your grades."

"I should be able to do that," the boy said feeling his excitement ebb slightly.

"You have to at least get B's on all you mid-terms," his coach continued. Now Tyler's heart was in his stomach.

"And last, the second semester you have to maintain at least a B average."

"How am I going to do all of that?" Tyler asked now feeling totally defeated. He had never been the best student. His average, as long as he could remember, had been a C. There was no way he could maintain a B average.

"Tutoring," Walt said simply.

"Tutoring?" he asked in disbelief. Walt just nodded his head. "And who is going to tutor me and be able to keep up their own grades. You know I'm not the sharpest tool in the box."

"Do you know the new kid, I forget his name," Walt explained to him.

"Yeah," the boy said with a shrug of his shoulders, "he's in some of my classes."

"The dean suggested that you talk to him," Walt said.

"Are there any other options?" Tyler asked already knowing the answer. Walt just shook his head. "I guess I'll talk to the new kid then," the boy said getting up from his chair. "Thanks for your help Coach," Tyler said giving him a great full smile.

"Just don't want to go on a losing streak is all," the older man said looking slightly embarrassed.

Tyler walked down the hallway to his dorm room in a slight daze. He would have to at least spend every weekend until mid-terms studying and that wasn't until they got back from Christmas break. His social life was completely shot. Not only that but he was going to have to talk to the new kid.

He really didn't know anything about him. Just that he was a sophomore that transferred in this year. Well he heard he was a sophomore, so he could never quite figure out how he ended up in mostly junior classes. Feeling a headache coming on he walked into his dorm room.

Tyler was one of the lucky few in the school that didn't have a roommate; even though his dorm did have two bedrooms. His parents and the dean thought that it would be distracting for him to live with someone and they didn't want his grades to get any worse.

The room wasn't very big. It consisted of a small living area. Which was big enough for a couch, a small table, a TV, and several game consoles; Tyler was a big gamer. Then there was a small, I guess you could call it a kitchenette. It had a few cupboards, a sink, a microwave, and a mini-firge. There was door off to one side that had a small bathroom. And doors on either side of the living area that led to the two bedrooms.

"So how did it go?" a voice asked from the couch. Tyler let out a sigh; he should have figured his best friend would be here waiting for the verdict. Not only was Johnny his best friend he was also the manager of the baseball team.

"I get to stay on the team," Tyler said plopping down next to him.

"I take there is a 'but' to all of this," Johnny said calmly.

"Do you know anything about the new kid?" Tyler asked sure that Johnny would know. He was the school's resident gossip. If anything happened he would know about it.

"You mean Ethan, the school's new genius," Johnny said giving him a quizzical look.

"Genius?" Tyler asked curiously. He watched as his best friend gave him an exasperated look and pushed his black hair out of his eyes. He had been friends with Johnny since the sixth grade. They started out as roommates; the middle school slept four to a room. They had became friends soon after because they were both obsessed with baseball.

Unfortunately for Johnny, he couldn't play sports because he had a lot of medical problems. But the coach let him be the manager of the team because he liked the sport so much. Tyler was sure that he was the other reason that there team was so good. Johnny knew almost everything about every team that they played.

"Why else do you think that a sophomore would be in almost all junior classes?"

"He skipped a grade then," Tyler said finally putting it together.

"Everything but PE and History."

"Why those two?" Tyler asked actually curious.

"The PE thing, they thought that it would be too awkward for him to be in that class with people that are older than him. As for History, according to this school, it a class that you can't pass out of. Why the sudden interest in Ethan?"

"Because Walt and the Dean said I need him to tutor me or I'll get kicked off the team," Tyler said dramatically throwing an arm over his eyes.

"I think you should explain to me exactly what is going on," Johnny said seriously. So Tyler told him everything that he had to do.

"It doesn't sound so bad," his best friend told him after he finished. Tyler could not believe his ears; he really couldn't imagine anything worse.

"But now I am no longer going to have a social life!"

"Would you rather be captain or have a social life?"

"So do you think this Ethan kid will help me?" Tyler asked already making his decision.

"All you can do is ask," Johnny pointed out.

"I'll talk to him tomorrow during lunch then."


Tyler had been dreading this all morning. This was the last class before lunch; he would have to talk to the new kid right after this class. He was hoping to have lunch with him so he could better explain the situation.

He had the new kid in three out of the four classes he had before lunch and he had been watching him wondering what he was like. The kid was quiet very quiet in fact. He only spoke if the teacher asked him a question. Which, Tyler was happy to notice he always got right.

The kid also looked small, but Tyler couldn't tell if he was that small or if he was just that much smaller than the juniors. He figured it must be a little bit of both. Before he knew it the bell had rung and the class was dismissed.

He knew that from watching that Ethan was always the last one to leave the class. So he decided to wait too, figuring it was the best time to catch the younger boy. Some of his teammates gave him curious looks; he just waved them off basically telling them that they would talk later. They shrugged their shoulders and left. Once the room was empty Tyler took a big breath and walked over to Ethan's desk.

"Can I help you with something?" the other boy asked coolly not looking up from putting his books in his bag.

Tyler was a bit taken back by the boy's tone and didn't speak for a moment. The boy let out a huff and stared up at him. This was the first time he had gotten a good look at his face. His dark brown hair hung in front a pair of light blue eyes; they were practically the color of ice Tyler noticed. At least they match his voice, he thought. He quickly shook that thought out of his head, Tyler really needed this boy's help and he didn't want to upset him.

"Actually I could use your help with something?" Tyler said returning to his usual cheerful self.

"You could use my help?" the boy asked in disbelief.

"Actually I was hoping to have lunch with you to explain it all," Tyler explained to the other boy. Ethan seemed to study him a moment before answering.

"I guess that would be alright," Ethan said.

"Excellent! Come on then," Tyler said excitedly as he pulled the smaller boy from the room.

"Not so fast!" Ethan shouted. But Tyler didn't care, Ethan was his one chance and he wasn't going to let it slip away.

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