you are coming back tomorrow.

what do I say when you ask me about my color,
which has gotten darker and more black.
should I tell you I lived in the sun for 3 days?
because after you left I became a flower,
and required sunlight for photosynthesis (wellness).

when you ask me where my heart went,
should I be honest? (and ask you, if you left it
in Hawaii?) because I snuck it into your suitcase,
the day before you left. (did you find it there?)

when you ask me, where the hook
at the back of my spine came from,
will I say "It was put in by another boy,
but I really love you!". (and will this be true at all)!
when I say it?

will you notice that I've hardly eaten anything,
in the last 5 days. will this make you nervous?
(have you eaten anything, in the last 5 days?)

will we both be skinny, tan, and horny?
and, Ripping at the seams?