Get to Know Me

Hello, my name is Ivy Green, Lexie White, and Ginger Brown. No, I don't have Multiple Personality Disorder. I work as a dancer to get a scholarship to one of the best schools in the country: Julliard. I own a gossip-filled website that contains all of the newest, trendiest, juiciest gossip going around my high school: Harring High. Plus, I'm a senior who is forming the newest, hippest, most-talented, and hard core cheerleading squad to outshine the current "Miss Thang", but she won't be on top for long. Not if I have something to say about it.

Primary Prologue
(Part One) Meet Ivy Green

Hi there, if you don't know me, my name is Ivy Green. Well, it's Ivy Green when I am at Rendezvous, a night club that I work at on weekends. You might be saying to yourself right now, 'A night club. She's gotta be a waitress or something, right? There's no way a seventeen year old is working as anything else but a waitress at a night club.' Well, you would be completely and totally wrong. Yes, I'm seventeen—good guess; how did you know?—but I am definitely not a waitress. I'm not very good at taking orders—pun intended.

No, I don't serve people. I dance. I dance because it's my passion. I've been doing it since I was a very little girl. And I love it. It's one of the few things that keep me going in this very mundane life. Now you're probably thinking 'How can she not be ashamed of herself? Degrading herself to dance like a slut in front of all those depraved men who stare at her with drool slipping down their chins?' Another good point, but I'm not a stripper. I am always clad in some way. It may be risqué, it may be raunchy, it may be sexy, but I'm happy doing it. When I get on that stage, and that spotlight hits me, nothing else in the world matters.

So, you're most likely wondering, 'Well, why don't you teach ballet at a nice uptown studio or simply take dance lessons at your school?' One: we don't have any high paying uptown ballet studios. Two: I need money. Why do I need money?

Allow me to elaborate. My birth was a mistake. The End.

All right, you want details? I'll give 'em. My mom and dad were young and reckless...shall I continue? Okay, okay, calm down. Being the two most seductive teenagers in school, they—and I quote—"fell in love." So, they wanted to share their love and then "poof" I was created.

Oh, and another thing, my parents weren't just young and reckless; they were young, reckless, and flat out broke. So, instead of doing the coward thing—abortion—they gave me up for adoption.

Not that I'm complaining. I would rather be in the care of my current adoptive parents than living in a shack. My adoptive parents, well, they are amazingly loving and sweet and caring, but ridiculously oblivious—hence why it's quite easy for me to get away with my double life. My adoptive parents also don't have quite a lot of money, which is why I decided to get a job in the first place. And what's better than getting paid for something you love?

So, I work at Rendezvous, which happens to be the hottest place to be in town. It's a mix of a dance club, strip club, bar, and grille. I work strictly covered, not that I wouldn't say scantily-clad covered, but still covered all the same.

(Part Two) Meet Lexie White

Hey there, my name is Lexie White. If you—for some odd chance—don't know me, I am owner of the famous website, Lexie's Lane. Lexie's Lane has all of the hottest gossip of Harring High, which is the high school that I attend. I have gone there for almost four years now, and Lexie's Lane has been in business for three.

You want to know the newest gossip, latest trends, hottest students, most horrible break-ups, and cleverest disses about those self-absorbed, eh-mah-gawd-look-at-what-you-did-to-my-hair cheerleaders? Then check out the newest entry of Lexie's Lane:

Welcome to Lexie's Lane
Hits: 2,487,551
Entry Date: Aug 11th, 2009

Heyy, my favorite visitor. No, I have no clue what your name is because well, there are too many students that go to Harring High to remember. Also, when you're on the Internet, if you're not signed in, you're pretty much anonymous. Alrighty, I know you're getting incredibly bored with my chit chat, so let's get started with the hot gossip. As you all know, I am not revealing my true identity because way too much drama consists at Harring High—thanks to those stuck up cheerleaders (Whoops, not you, Stacie. You're a pretty cool chick...*nudge nudge, boys*)

Gossip Get-away

So, the school year has just begun, and guess what: I have news. Can you believe how much drama can fill the entire first day back from fun in the sun? Well, let's just say...about this much:

1.) Summer Lovers Tim and Jem(ma) break up. Why? Because Kim transferred from UT and now Tim's in love...hmm...funny names, don't cha think?

2.) Head Cheerleader, Daphne Smith, still believes she owns the school and the rest of the universe...what's new?

3.) The basketball team is being formed, and guess who's gotten kicked off because of his attitude to the coach? None other than Jack Hamilton. Ouch...too bad there, hot stuff.

4.) George and Hailey were spotted running rather quickly to second base in the janitor's closet. Some advice: Home Sweet Home is much more comfortable and convenient, if I do say so myself.

5.) And, OH EM GEE, guess who's gone Goth on us? Lily Fryer. Yes, it's true. Former Spring Fling Queen was seen wearing all black with white make-up caked on her otherwise flawless complexion and black lips. She even dyed her hair for the part...what's up with that?

More juicy juice soon to come, my hungry chick-a-dees, as of now, time for new trends...

Trendy Trail

For the first week of school, the most popular articles of clothing are:

FOR GIRLS: (I hope no boys will be seen wearing these, though, I'd pay to see it) strappy, silver heels, short shorts (jeans) or mini skirts (Against Dress Code...maybe...Against Boy if). Basically, anything bright and flashy.

FOR BOYS: (Girls, just stick to the above, please.)
White tanks under open button downs. (Casual plaid or plain solid blue), Hollister jeans or AE will do.

'Tis all I have as of now. Keep posted for more later on!

Loves you muches!

L E X I E ' S L A N E

(Part Three) Meet Ginger Brown

Oh, hello. Wait...what? You want to know my name. Well, okay, if you really are interested. My name is Ginger Brown, and I attend Harring High with the rest of my fellow classmates. I also have two adoptive parents, who are usually gone, which suits me just fine. I do love my alone time. And I work at a dance club. I love to dance. It is my passion. And the pay there is good. It pays the bills, the gas, and tuition for high school.

Well, there's not much to say about me. I am a normal girl who goes to high school, hoping to pursue a career in dancing. All right, well, um...bye now...-insert shy chuckle here-

-~Chelsea Elizabeth