But I was was unaware that you'd love be gently as a summer's breeze and
your eyes, though plain and brown they meant so much to me. I mean they
weren't the wide and soul piercing blue that saddens my heart, rather they
were the reflective book to your inmost thoughts. Nothing escaped your perceptive
glances to and fro and it amazed me as you spoke of brightly colored birds in
you peripherals that I hadn't seen in plain view. Your soul was the most beautiful
thing I've yet conceived and it assured me that God was the living creator of this
grand and elegant universe. I left you breathing untroubledly on a wooden park
bench as I walked to pick an iridescent flower perfectly crafted so real and true
in natural beauty to give to you. The smile which shone with warmth that could
thaw the coldest of hearts beheld my perception and I knew that you were the
stinking reality I had bitterly shooed every false hope away for. I awake from my
cursed daydream staring out double paned windows warm from the sun.
Where are you my love intangible?