Writing is a type of magic. It's magic because you put some words together and you can change the world.

Writing is a type of art. It's art because it can be beautiful, sad and interesting. It invokes in you a form of emotion. The words can be used to paint pictures in people's minds.

Writing is a type of living. It's a living because it can be a job, I've always thought writers have it made, getting paid for doing something you love and can do at home-genius.

Writing is a type of world. It's a world because sometimes you live in it, eat it, breathe it, sleep it.

Writing is a type of dream. It's a dream because that's where a lot of ideas come from. You sleep and you can write down your dreams. Dreams spilling out onto the page and forming pictures in your head.

Writing is a type of music. It's music because music can make you feel things. Short, sharp staccato beats can make you feel scared, like the jaws theme tune, in very much the same way a short sentence can make you stop dead.

I write because I want to reach into people's heads and change the way they see the world. I write because I enjoy it. I write because I love the way the words form on the page in ink from my silver fountain pen without going through any rational thought in my head. I like writing because I can imagine people reading it and going 'yes, that's exactly right'.

I write to read and I read to write.