Mia's life style.

Sometimes Mia is a pretty girl,
Sometimes Mia is an ugly girl,
actually nobody knows if she's fat or thin
but everybody knows she needs help!!!!!

There's no mirror in her small bathroom,
there's a bunch of junk food under her bed
and though she says she doesn't want to eat,
she really loves to swallow anything she picks
from the basket in the dirty kitchen ….
And she really loves to weigh herself day and night.

So one day she's 80 and wears tight clothes in order to throw a lung out
and next she's 40 and wears big clothes in order to hide what she gets
and from the bottom of her fast and slow heart she wants more than anything
to be thinner than an anorexic cos to her a skeleton has too much flesh.

Well, she also loves to run like a crazy as if there's always a mad dog after her
just cos sometimes it's hard to vomit and the laxatives cost so much,
and her silly father and silly mother think she's just one more teen girl,
oh, of course there's no boyfriend or even friend either…
Mia is too busy watching magazines to get inspiration from the skinny stars.

And you and all your people are wrong, it's not about self esteem…

it's about PERFECTION

so stop helping her cos it's not a disordered eating, it's just a Mia's stylelife!!!!


^^ and it's like this… anyway, mia is a girl name but it's a "secret" way to call bulimia too…

and I don't justify girls or boys like mia but I just get it, as well I don't like people who talks 'bout with no idea.