Sick Little Games

Chapter 1

The loud cries of a newborn infant filled the calm night air of the hospital.
A family gathered around the mother, as the child was placed into her arms by the doctor. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Not something to be feared upon, but Fear hung in the air. On the ceiling of that hospital, he lingered there, staring into the babies large blue tear filled eyes. The air changed, became cold. The families smiles faded, eyes changing to confusion.

"Close you're eyes and count to seven..." He whispered, the words floating on the air in the room. Everyone shut their eyes, as if under a spell that they couldn't stop. "When you wake, you'll be in heaven..." Their eyes shot open upon the utterance of the last word. Their pupils gone, replaced with pure white. They all stood motionless, lifeless. The baby continued to weep in his mothers arms, unaware of what happened around him. Fear made his way down the wall, the form of just a shadow of black. He moved along the floor, rising as a black mass next to the hypnotized mother and her child. It gazed at the baby boy, raising an arm, but not touching it.

"Such a beautiful child. So Perfect and mild." He said lovingly, his voice laced with a dangerous edge. "I give you the power to stray from reality, though no one will know of its brutality." With that last line said, he swiped his shadowed hand over the boys chest, leaving a scar in the shape of a wing. It faded to a light pink, appearing nothing more then a birthmark now.

"We will meet again, Chastity." He said, his form morphing towards the window. He looked back, the baby crying and the family standing, wide-eyed and hypnotized. He slipped out the window.

"Close your eyes, count to five..." He said, moving upwards and out of sight. "When you wake, you'll be alive."

The mass of people that hadn't moved in nearly 5 minutes shifted, the color returning to their once pure white eyes. They blinked, only slightly confused as the air returned to normal temperature. The mother looked down at her baby, running a hand over the birthmark on his chest, smiling. A man appeared next to her, smiling with the same smile the mother wore.

"What should we name him?" He asked calmly. The woman ran her hand through the babys blonde hair.



"Jayden!" A young womans voice called, muffled from the other side of the door but followed by a knock. "Baby, you in there?" Her voice sounded again.

"Yeah! Just a second!" Jayden called back, pulling on his jeans and reaching for the doorknob to his house. He opened the door, allowing the girl to enter, but turned back around to get his belt off the couch. The girl quickly entered and shut the door behind her. She turned her head to the blonde haired boy standing next to the couch, rushing to get his belt on.

"Anyone see you come?" He asked as he pulled the belt through the loops. She giggled and walked over to him.

"No, you know how much the paparazzi would have a blast with getting even one picture of me here. Like I'd give them that luxury, oh please." She said, flipping her long wavy brown hair out of her eyes and tilting her head upwards to kiss him. She broke away, looking into his blue eyes. He gave a small smile before his eyes went back down to finish buckling his belt. She gave a small look of disdain and brought her hand up, one finger seductively going down his neck, tracing a line down to his chest and stopping where his birthmark lay. She licked her lips, trying to get his attention while he leaned over her to grab his phone off the counter.

"It's so sexy..." She whispered, pressing her pink glossy lips to his chest. He paused for a minute, then put the phone in his pocket.

"What is?" He asked, now giving her his attention. Her seductive brown eyes met his blue ones.

"Your birthmark...Your eyes...Your" She replied, giving a small sexy giggle. He gave another smile, more uncomfortable now. She kissed his chest again, her hand now heading more south. He made a uncomfortable noise in his throat. She paused, sighing, then backed away, crossing her arms around her chest.

"Sorry." She said in annoyance. "Forgot what a prude bastard you are." He cast her a sympathetic look, then turned to get his neatly laid out shirt on the couch.

"It's not my fault." He said, pulling the blue shirt over his head. "It's I am, I'm sorry, Lizzy." He continued as he headed into the bedroom. She gave a disgusted snort.

"Yeah, not your fault. Who's fault is it? A ghosts?" She shot back as he walked back into the living room with his Gucci sunglasses on.

"You can say that..." He mumbled under his breath, putting his gray beanie on as to try to dull down the expensive look a little.

"What?" she asked, putting her hand on her hips in a typical feminine pose, her Coach purse almost falling off her shoulder with the action. He shook his head as he grabbed his wallet and put it in his back pocket.

"Nothing, sweetheart." He replied and walked over to her. "We should get going. Dia is waiting for me." She sighed, and nodded.

"You so have something going on with her, I know it." She said, opening the door to the house angrily. Jayden gave an over exasperated sigh and shook his head.

"She's been my talent agent for over a year, Lizzy, and you know that so don't start."

"You know , you can drive a little faster, Gordon!" A mans voice yelled bitterly followed by a pounding with his hand on the limo window that separated him from the driver.

"I-I'm driving as fast as I can, Mr. Blakely." The driver answered gently. "There are other cars on the road, you know." A snort came from the back seat. The man sat back, flipping his long black hair that was tied up in a ponytail. His lowered his sunglasses, trying to get a better look out the window.

"Fucking people I swear to God." He said. "They have nothing better to do then to stalk me." Gordan laughed at the mans obvious anger at the tabloids.

"Well, Mr. Blakely." He started. "They make money off of you, what do you expect?"

"I expect them to leave me the fuck alone and get a life." He replied, crossing his legs. "And call me Sebastian, calling me Mr. Blakely only adds to the fact some I want to punch some people in the face."

"Alright, and I'm sure that's why you have Trevor, so you don't have to punch anyone in the face, he does all the punching for you." Gordan answered from the front. He seemed amused, but kept it at a respectable level so Sebastian wouldn't blow a fuse.
Sebastian smirked, the expression slightly hidden from view by his long bangs.

"I guess so, I get the feeling that will change though if people don't back up." He answered, crossing his legs in front of him. Gordans eyes left the road for a second and looked through his mirror at Sebastian.

"What is this interview for?" He asked, his eyes returning to the road. Sebastian gave a small shrug.

"I don't know details." He responded, not seeming to interested in it. "Mercedes brought it up to me since I haven't been doing much then bugging her to find something to entertain me." He added, his lips fading into another smirk. Gordon nodded, taking a turn.

"Well, good luck then." He said. "Not like you need it of course, Mr. big-shot." He added with a laugh. Sebastian joined in the laughter.

"I guess."

The sun rose high in the sky, shining down a new day and new opportunities. The palm trees rose high above the ground, bordering the streets of Beverly Hills. The day was booming with life as usual, people moving about; shopping, going to work, or just a day at the beach.
The silver Mercedes Benz drove down the street. Lizzy sighed as she took the next turn.

"I hate having to drive you places. Go buy a car, you're already loaded as it is, it's not a big deal." She said. Jayden exhaled deeply from the passenger seat, pulling out the headphone from his ipod touch.

"I told you, I'm getting one. It's not my fault my other one got hit by a one of the paparazzi's cars." Lizzy flipped her hair, tilting her head up slightly in defiance.

"Stop being so cute and they wont want to take your picture." She said, meaning it to come out sounding mean. Jayden rolled his eyes, moving his bangs out of his face.

"Yeah, that's exactly why they take follow me, Liz." He said sarcastically, opening the car door. "I'll see you later." He said, shutting the door in her face. She blinked then her eyes narrowed at the door. She stepped on the gas and drove away in a huff, mumbling "Jerk" under her breath.

Jayden entered the large building. The rush of cool air that hit him was a refreshing change from the hot California weather outside. He walked up to the lady at the front desk. She looked up, smiling brightly at him.

"May I help you?" She asked politely. Jayden nodded, taking off his sunglasses and hooking them to his shirt collar.

"Yeah, do you know where I can find Dia Hernadez?" He asked. She opened her mouth to answer.

"Jayden! Hey honey!" A womans voice cut her off. Jayden turned to see the woman walking towards him, arms open for a hug. He smiled and turned to the lady at the desk.

"Nevermind, looks like she found me." He said right before he was embraced by the Spanish woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties.

"You look muy fantastico! Gorgeous as usual, honey!" She said with an accent that told her ethnicity. He smiled, returning the embrace.

"Thank you, you look beautiful yourself." He said with a laugh. She gave a laugh and backed away from him.

"Gracias baby, It's always nice to get complimented by such a young man." She said with a playful wink. "Let's go shall we?"

"I want to introduce you to who you'll be working on this project with." A woman with short black hair in a business suit said. She didn't look back at Sebastian who was following her.

"Sounds good." He replied from behind her as she opened the door with the hand she wasn't carrying her binder with. She looked in the room. Jayden was sitting on the couch, his feet up on the fancy wooden table. His had his arms folded behind his back and his eyes closed. The low roar of sound came from his headphones. the woman gave a slightly disgusted look and stalked over to him. Sebastian followed nonchalantly. She cleared her throat loudly to get the blondes attention. Jayden opened his eyes and jumped, immediately taking his feet off the table and ripping the headphones out of his ears.

"Oh, you must be Mercedes..."

"Were is Dia?" She asked, ignoring his question and eying him down. He worked his jaw and gave a sheepish grin.

"She went to go get something to drink..." He answered, scratching the back of his head and still smiling up at the woman. She narrowed her eyes only slightly then swiftly turned around.

"I'll be right back, Sebastian. Please excuse me." She said, making a quick turn to and out the door. Jayden blinked in confusion then turned to Sebastian who was looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He laughed nervously, and leaned back against the couch, trying to appear aloof.

"What is she...your girlfriend or something?" He asked. Sebastian smirked and gave a snort of amusement, leaning back as well and crossing his legs.

"No." He answered simply. "Model and Acting Agent. Although, girlfriend or not that doesn't hold me back." He added slyly, his smirk growing and his eyes going half mast. Jayden gave him a slightly surprised look and laughed a little, trying to play along even though he found it wrong.

"No kidding, she's pretty hot..." He replied, slightly uncomfortable but playing it off pretty smoothly. Sebastian nodded slowly, taking off his sunglasses and setting them on the table in front of them. Jayden watched him free his jet black hair of his ponytail. It spilled gracefully over his shoulders. It was so long and silky looking, and went down to at least his lower back. He was looking off to the side, out the large window that took up the whole wall behind the desk. He had such a natural seduction to him, it showed in his eyes and body language. Just everything about him screamed it. He was very attractive. Jayden sighed and looked at the window st the tops and sides of buildings.

"My names Jayden, Jayden Ayella." He said suddenly, looking back at the man on the other couch across from him. Sebastian smiled, even that was seductive without even meaning it. Everything about the man was alluring.

"I'm Sebastian Blakely." He replied smoothly. "Nice to meet you." Jayden smiled, he knew who he was, a lot of people did.

"Same." He said, his head turning back to look out the window. Sebastian didn't turn his head, he continued to look at Jayden. His blonde hair poked out from his beanie. Sebastian let his eyes wander, looking him up and down in an observant way. He sat across from him, his arms on the back of the couch. His green t-shirt read 'Zoo York Inst.' down the front in big print. His jeans were ripped up, but they looked over the top expensive. He was cute, and innocence radiated off of him, even if he did look more of some skateboarding jerk. Sebastian could tell he was innocent, he felt it. He was very cute.
The door opened, the two woman, Mercedes and Dia, walked in. The two boys sitting on the couch looked up.

"Alright, we're going to make this short and to the point." Mercedes said, moving over to the desk with Dia following close behind. The boys kept their attention on the two woman. She reached into the drawer and pulled out a folder. She sat down with Dia standing next to her.

"Well boys, I was contacted by Noah Dixon." She said, opening up the folder. "He wants to make an appointment to talk to both of you about a movie idea." She handed the paper she was looking at to Dia. Dia walked over, handing it to Sebastian to look at then pass to Jayden.

"I know that you both have a lot of experience in acting, even with all the smaller roles you have done. He said you both fit perfectly into the movie, and knows the potential you both have. That said, he wants the lead roles given to both of you." Jayden looked up from the paper, his eyes showing his shock and excitement.

"Really?" He asked, his lips curving upwards into a crooked smile. Dia smiled and nodded happily.

"Si, honey. Isn't that great? Everything keeps looking up for you!" She answered, seeming just as excited as he was. "We're going to make the appointment for you two to meet with Se or Dixon. Does that sound good?" She asked, picking up the folder off the desk. Sebastian stretched and uncrossed his legs, sitting forward a little.

"Sounds fine, I have nothing better to do anyway." He said. Mercedes stood up now, placing the papers back in her desk.

"Well, we will both notify you when the appointment is made." She said. "It's a great opportunity for you both..."

"Don't ruin it, honey." Dia added, giving Jayden a warning look. The blonde laughed, moving some of his bangs out of his face and putting his sunglasses back on.

"Hey! That was one time!" He said, standing up. "Plus, the crazy old bat shouldn't have even brought her cat along with her." He mumbled with a second of afterthought, remembering the situation as to where he poured the gallon of water onto the cat for clawing his leg. Not one of his shining moments...well, shining moment of idiocy maybe.

"Well, I have to hit the road. It was nice meeting you, man." He said turning to Sebastian and holding out his hand. Sebastian nodded.

"Same" He said, his face scrunching up slightly with the usage of the word as he reached out and shook Jaydens outstretched hand. The second the two touched, a small shock of pain surfaced from Sebastians skin. He ignored it, until only a second laser it became so much worse and trailed down his arm. He gave a small gasp and released the grip. The pain ceased once the contact was broken. Jayden cast him a funny look. The older man gave a small chuckle of embarrassment then looked away from Jaydens gaze. The blonde gave a small shrug and looked at Dia.

"See you later!" He called, heading for the door. Dia waved enthusiastically.

"Talk to you later, sweety!"

"That's so great, babe! I'm so happy for you!" Lizzy exclaimed, wrapping her arms tightly around her boyfriend. Jayden returned the embrace. She looked up at him, quickly giving him a kiss. She was nearly bouncing in his arms from excitement.

"I know, I'm pretty pumped." He replied, tightening his grip on her waist a little to steady her moving. She giggled happily.

"You know what I'm going to make?" She asked, poking his stomach with her finger. He moved her bangs out of her face, staring into her eyes.

"What?" He asked. She gave another giggle and stuck out her tongue, leaning forward.

"Icebox Cake." She whispered playfully then jumped back to see his reaction. He gave a toothy smile and leaned down to kiss her.

"That sounds great." He said, lifting his arms up to release her. She laughed a little and scooted away, earning another laugh from Jayden.

"I'll get started on it right now!" She said happily and skipped into the kitchen. Jayden sat down on the couch in the living room, sighing contently. Everything was going great for him, Dia was right. His career was looking up, his fan base was growing by the day, he had a wonderful girlfriend, and a opportunity for a lead role in a movie. Things couldn't get any better.
But it's like they say, calm before the storm. With everything looking up, there was always something that had to bring it down. That thing made itself known in the form of a loud gasp then crash in the kitchen. Jayden jumped up, fear filling his senses.

"Liz?" He called. "Everything alright?" No answer. He stood up and quickly walked to the kitchen. His girlfriend stood there, facing the counter, her back to him. A bowl had fallen on the ground. He looked at it then up at Liz again.

" alright?" He asked again, his voice gentle and concerned.

"Yes, yes I'm fine." She replied, her voice seeming a little distant. Jayden sighed with relief and picked up the bowl that had fallen to the floor.

"Fuck, don't do that. You scared me for a second." He said, placing the bowl on the counter. She still didn't face him, just staring at the cabinet.

"That would be the idea I suppose..." she started, her voice still not sounding normal. "...right Chastity?" Jayden gasped, stumbling back at the sound of the name. His wide eyes suddenly narrowed, glaring with such intensity at the back of the girls head it might just have bore a hole through her skull.

"Why do you always have to come along and ruin my mood?!" He yelled at her. She turned now. Her eyes where black, her teeth now pointed and looking completely unnatural. She smiled sweetly, amusement in the black abyss.

"That's not a nice greeting after so long." She said. Jayden rolled his eyes, moving toward the counter and shoving her out of the way.

"Fuck you, Fear." He responded, opening the cabinet and pulling out a box of graham crackers. "Can you get out of my girlfriends body please? Thanks." He added, his tone not lightening up as he opened the refrigerator. Liz's body moved to him, not by her own control.

"Not yet, I have to tell you something." She said. Jayden sighed, pausing in what he was doing. He turned his head, looking over his shoulder at the person that was no longer his girlfriend at the moment. "Don't take that movie role. Stay away from Sebastian." Jayden gaped at him, his brow furrowing in anger. He turned around, eggs in his hand.

"What the hell, why?!" He yelled, glaring daggers into the black eyes staring calmly back at him.

"Just listen to me. I warn you, stay away from him. Don't take part in the movie!" Fear insisted, more urgently now. Jayden gave him a disgusted look and wipped around. Fear moved over to the counter in the spot where Liz had been before.

"I'm warning you Chastity." He said, pulling the bowl in front of him. Jayden didn't look at him.

"Fuck you." He said. "I'm not listening to you anymore." He slammed the milk onto the counter in anger.

"I've already warned Sebastian." Came the voice behind him. Jayden rolled his eyes.

"Good for you." He replied, pulling out a measuring cup from the drawer. He froze. The realization of what Fear had just said sinking in. His head whipped back around to look at Liz.

"W-wait..what?!" He asked, shocked. Liz lifted her head up, casting him a confused look. He looked at her eyes, back to normal now.

"What?" She asked.

"U-uh...I..." He stuttered. "Nothing babe...." He mumbled, looking down at the counter, just staring at the granite top. "Nothing at all..."