Chapter 2

The cool night air was always a nice change from the hot California days. What was more lovely then that? A nice dip in the hot tub after an day full of events. The water was always a stress reliever. Sebastian slid down in the warm bubbling water, allowing calmness to overcome him. He let his long hair fall over the side of the elegant tub, not wanting it to get wet yet. It was so heavy once it was soaked. He slipped his slender fingers around the tall glass next to him, taking a small sip of the Martini then setting it back down just as gracefully as he had picked it up.

"You spoil yourself rotten." The raspy voice came from the entrance way to his bathroom. He gasped and turned, meeting eye to eye with the large shadowy figure that stood in the doorway. Sebastian visibly swallowed and lowered his eyes. He took a deep breath and tried to ease back into the water.

"I suppose you can say that." He answered, his tone as even as the expression on his face. "Resting after a long day, spoiling yourself. It's all the same thing, really." The dark figure hovered over to the tub, its large eyes glowing as they looked down at Sebastian.

"You have no shame, Lust." Fear said, swaying a little in his position. Sebastian let a smirk grace those perfect lips of his. Sure, he should have a lot to be shameful of; but when Fear had placed that horrid curse on him, it taught him to act without shame. He was a sin, and proud of that.

"And I don't plan on starting now..." Sebastian answered, flipping his bangs out of his eyes with a slight flick of his head. Fears expression was unchanging.

"I see you did not come home with a lady tonight." He said, inspecting the area of the bathroom. It was unusual for Sebastian to be home without a female companion. Sebastian creaked one eye open, raising an eyebrow at the phantom standing above him.

"Yes, well I planned some...self-loathing tonight. So if you don't mind, I'd love for you to see yourself to the door." He said, his tone still as even as before. Fear made a sweep up to the low granite counter that connected the wall to the hot tub.

"I hate to disturb you so I'll make this brief." He said, his black misty body bending downwards. "Greed and Sloth are going to be attending the meeting in a few days." Sebastian groaned sunk deeper into the water.

"Aren't you the bearer of bad news..." He mumbled.

"I will inform them that you will be there as well. You and Chastity both. Do not forget my warning, Lust."

"Yeah Yeah Yeah. Don't touch him, pain, death, stay away, blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch." Sebastian interrupted, making a mocking motion with his hand. Fears eyes narrowed down at Sebastian.

"Don't take it so lightly, Lust. You don't know what you're getting yourself into..." He snapped. The man looked away with a sigh, shifting in the water impatiently.

"Self-loathing." He reminded him, drawing out the ending of the word. He tapped his finger on the side of the tub. A low growl erupted from the frighting shadow with eyes.

"No one heeds my warnings..." He grumbled angrily. "Very well...I'll be the one to do the 'i told you so'ing in the end." He added, falling against the wall and levitating upwards to the area where the wall met the ceiling. "I will be seeing you later then, take care, Lust."

The sun had set and gave way to the night life that the City of Los Angeles held. A girl, long flowing blonde hair, ran across the street dragging her male friend along with her. The cars zoomed past them as they safely made it across the street. The girl adjusted her bags on her arms. She wore a long black dress, expensive jewelery on on her wrists and neck. Even her blonde hair looked professionally done. The boy behind her heaved a sigh.

"Why do you have to drag me everywhere you go, Taylor?" He asked, looking up at her with his dark brown eyes. "It's a hassle...and you could have got us killed!" He added, raising his voice and pointing at the busy street they just crossed. Taylor was looking through her bag, her back to the older boy who was speaking to her. She jumped up, pulling out a pink shirt.

"Yeah, but it was totally worth the run! Look at how cute this shirt is!" She squealed, pushing it up in his face. She pulled it back and looked at it, her face now changed from excitement to thought. "Maybe I should have gotten it in purple too..." She said, still studying the article of clothing. "...and red..." She added with an after thought. "Maybe green?" She continued. The boy snatched the shirt out of her hands and threw it back into the large bag.

"We are in the middle of sidewalk, and all you're worried about is what color your shirt is?" He asked, desperately trying to reason her way of thinking out in his head. "Why do you do this to me, Tay? I'd rather be at home, sleeping. Not out and about the city shopping!" She pouted and turned around, picking up her back from the ground.

"God, Ant. You got up on the wrong side of the bed today!" She said, swinging the bag over her shoulder and making her bracelets clatter. Antonia sighed, running his hand down his face.

"Well, maybe because you flipped my mattress over and I landed face first into the hard wood floor, then I guess that'd be waking up on the wrong side of the bed, yes." He said, lazily throwing his head back as he followed the bubbly girl down the sidewalk.

"Oh you're so literal!" She said, her heels clicking as she walked. Antonio sighed behind her. He always sighed a lot, especially when he was around this blonde haired money spending machine. Luckily they didn't have a long walk until they came upon her giant mansion sized house. She punched in the code to open the front gate.

"Do I really have to walk you inside? I just want to go home and make myself a nice ham and cheese sandwich...I deserve that much I think." Antonio said as he followed her onto the property.

"No, No, please stay here." Said a voice that was neither of theirs. Both Taylor and Antonio jumped and turned to their right. Taylor cocked her head to the side, looking at the dog that was sitting there licking its paw.

"BoBo...?" She asked the Golden Retriever, taking a step closer to her beloved pet. It put it's paw down and opened it's eyes, looking up at Taylor. She gasped when she say the eyes were pure black. She scrunched up her face in anger and stomped her foot on the ground, digging her head into the freshly cut lawn.

"Fear!" She screeched. "How dare you! My poor little BoBo!!" She ran over to the dog, pulling at its fur and shaking it. "Get. out. of. there. you. puppy. possessor." The dog growled and pulled out of her grasp.

"You would think you'd be more gentle with your own dog, Greed." The dog said, looking up at her with big black eyes. Taylor scowled deeply, casting an angry look in Fears direction. "I believe I've already had enough disrespect from Chastity and Lust today, I don't count on getting any from you too." Taylor backed away, guilt filling her eyes as she looked down at Fear. There was a sigh from behind them as Antonio fell to the ground, exhausted.

"Count on it." He said, falling on his back with a yawn. Fear walked over to him then leaned over his face, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and panting in a typical canine fashion. Ant snorted in disgust and flipped over, causing Fear to sit next to him and whine.

"You're acting much like Wrath today, Sloth." He said, breaking the dog act. Sloth heaved yet another sigh and mumbled something lazily. Taylor came up behind Fear and pat his in the head.

"Be nice to Fear, Ant!" She said, scratching behind the dogs ear. "I'm sure Sebastian gave him a hard time! He's always such a jerk." She leaned down and hugged Fear tightly. The dog didn't move and allowed her to embrace him."I mean, I know Sebastian is a jerk to begin with, but I don't know Chastity..." She added, her expression changing to her thinking face.

"You'll meet him soon, which is why I've come here." He replied, wrigling out from Taylors grasp. Sometimes she was a little too clingy, and the fact he was in her dogs body didn't help the whole clinging problem."The meeting about the movie...Lust and Chastity will be there." Antonio turned over, casting him a dumbfounded look.

"Whoa...but I thought you said a Sin can't be near it's opposite. Rule number whatever." He said, half getting into the sitting position. The dog straightened up.

"1." He stated, not looking directly at either him or Taylor as he spoke. "I have spoken to Lust and Chastity about the dangers of being in such close contact to their natural opposite, although I am afraid they won't heed my warning." He lowered his head, closing his onyx eyes. "There's not much I am able to do." He opened his eyes again and looked up at Taylor to his right. "I just thought I would inform you as of what was to be expected at the meeting, that's all." He stood from his place. "I have no time for questions, I have many things to do..." He turned around. Taylor and Antonio just watched as a black mist morphed into the ground under the dogs feet. BoBo stood there for a second then his head turned, tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. Taylor smiled happily.

"Hey Bo!" She called. "Come here boy!" The dog jumped up and darted over to his master, licking her face in excitement. She laughed and turned her head towards Antonio.

"Looks like it's going to be an interesting meeting..." She said, petting her dog happily. "...All the more reason for daddy to buy me a new dress!"

Sebastian stretched as he stepped out of the hot tub. He wrapped the white towel around his waist and grabbed the elastic on the sink, pulling his hair back into a low messy ponytail. He looked at himself in the mirror, always taking a little bit of time doing so. Although, he didn't smile. He turned away from his reflection and leaned on the counter. He felt more refreshed now. It was amazing what a good orgasm did for you, but something was off. The whole time, something had been off. He narrowed his eyes in confusion, tapping his finger absentmindedly on the counter top.

"Jayden..." He whispered to himself, knowing his thoughts were trailing in the direction of that boy. His gaze went up to the ceiling. His eyes studied the engraved floral pattern as he though harder. With a huff he pushed off the sink and walked out into his bedroom. He stopped at the end of his king sized bed, allowing his towel to drop from his waist and to the floor. He let himself fall onto the comfortable blankets. He stared up at the ceiling, it becoming quiet a little thinking habit now. He exhaled slowly, closing his eyes.

"Why in hells name is he so damn cute."