AN: Hello everyone. I am a little nervous about starting this story. This will be the first Original story that I have ever written. However, I am not a stranger to writing. I have a few fan-fiction works published. This will be a homosexual love story, so if that isn't your cup of tea, drop the tea bag and hang yourself with the disposable string. Also, if anyone is interested in BETA-ing this, please contact me. I NEED THE HELP! But, moving on…

Disclaimer: ALL the characters in this story are mine. I have created them all on my own; inside my little deviant mind. They are not mirrored after actual people.

Rating: This story will be coated heavily with smut and sexual themes. I am not a closet pervert, quit the contrary. I believe in sharing - in all its naked glory - what perverse things my mind can come up with.

So please, do enjoy.

Sinning On Sunday

Written by: Justina G. aka rAiNwAtEr/verboten666

Summary: Sin Sunday is the biggest pervert at St. Michaels Academy. He takes what he wants; when he wants it, and doesn't make excuses. His philosophy, 'Take all and leave no prisoners.' EnterHeterosexual, Catholic loving Gabriel Waters. Completely hot, and totally out of Sin's league. Gabriel would rather see Sin stoned to death then touch the 'fag'. What will happen when their worlds collide? Let the war of love begin. Who says apocalypses aren't fun? Are you ready for the end of the world?

Chapter One: Who's The Sinner?

"…I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
my whole existence is flawed
you get me closer to god.."

Nine Inch nails – Fuck You Like An Animal

"Let us begin this morning prey with 'Our Father'.

Our Farther, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.

And now for our morning announcements…"

Sin Sunday followed his fellow students' example as he got up off of his knees to sit back onto the wooden benches that sat in neat rows striping St. Michael's Chapel. He tuned out Father Roberts morning Mass drabble as he scanned his familiar surroundings. A wisp of his midnight black hair fell into his line of sight, and with an irritable huff he blew it away from his piercing blue eyes.

The unforgivable bench beneath him creaked in protest as he leaned back. The smell of sandal wood incense could be smelt promenading in the air. Across the aisle sat this year's freshman. Sin took in their nervousness as they shifted restlessly along the benches, and played with their stiff ties. Fingers brushing against their new blazers and eyes dotting around the church at the upper classmen and ever watchful nuns dressed in full Habit.

Sin's attention lazily focused in front of him, gauging the attention span of his fellow seniors and the ever obedient sophomores and juniors. His burning gaze swept along the pews searching for something, or rather someone. And like being drawn to a magnet, his steely gaze came upon the sight of a head covered in golden brown hair.

'Ah, there you are Mr. Waters…' Sin thought to himself. A pang of excitement exploded in his chest. A smirk tugged at his lips as his eyes roved over the figure sitting no more than six pews in front of him.

Sin had waited all summer in anticipation for school to start up for this very moment. And like a prophet, Sin knew that if he stared long enough, Gabriel would sense his presence. They were after all, bitter rivals. And like Sin had predicted, ever so slowly Gabriel Waters turned his head to look over his shoulder.

Sin's breath caught as his eyes locked with the boy that he desired more than anything. He would sell his soul to the devil himself just to taste and indulge in this one little sin. His blue eyes smoldered as honey brown eyes narrowed onto his. Sin watched as comprehension dawned on the other boys face. Gabriel's once relaxed features became confused as his brows furrowed, than his face soured and became pinched.

Sin couldn't help it, his eyes dance in mirth at the rainbow of emotion he was able to invoke in the other boy. It was as if he were an artist, and in front of him sat his own personal muse; a sculpture that was his to mold, shape, and bend. It was intoxicating.

Sin allowed his tongue to slip out at the left side corner of his mouth, and glide along his bottom lip until it came to the corner of the right side of his mouth. And just because he could never control himself, he let his wet muscle slide back out between his lips to wiggle in a 'come-hither' movement before sucking it back in and sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. To add to the effect, Sin made a fist and brought it before his mouth moving it back and forth as his tongue pushed against the inside of his left check.

The motion clearly said, "I want to suck your cock."

Gabriel's face morphed into pure disgust. He gave Sin the middle finger and stiffly turned around to once again listen to Father Robert. A handful of the other boy's friends turned around to send glares and their own salutes which Sin returned whole heartedly.

'Like I give a fuck.' Sin thought snidely.

A soft giggle was released behind Sin as a girl with bouncing red curls leaned against the back of the pew he was slouched in to whisper into his ear.

"Way to start the year off Casanova."

A smirk planted its self on Sin's face at his best friends taunting voice. "I'm just getting started."

"When will you learn that Gabriel is off limits?" Tiffany whispered back tauntingly.

"When will you learn to stop being an uptight bitch?" Sin replied just as contriving.

"You do realize by now, after all your failed attempts, that Gabriel is straight?" Tiffany stressed out in a huff.

"Yeah, well so is spaghetti until you heat it up…"

Both failed to notice Sister Rebecca on the prowl towards them until it was too late. The sound of parting saliva incrusted lips, and the rattled intake of breath alerted the two to their surroundings.

"Mr. Sunday, does your deviance know no bounds?" Sister Rebecca's voice hissed out tightly. "I will not put up with your shenanigans this year. You are a senior now, a young man of eight-teen, act your age."

Tiffany slowly sat back in her seat trying to stay out of the line of fire. It was widely known throughout all of St. Michaels that Sister Rebecca had it out for Sin ever since he was a freshman. Their fights were legendary.

Sin ignored Sister Rebecca words as his eyes became disgustingly enchanted with the compiled dried clumps of spit that had accumulated at the corners of her mouth. The crows' feet that lined her mouth were pressed in displeasure. Her eyes were a-light by her dislike of the boy sitting before her.

Sin's stomach started to turn unpleasantly with the site of such an unhygienic display of filth. Forcing his eyes up to meet Sister Rebecca's and replied, "Whatever do you mean Sister?"

Sister Rebecca's eyes narrowed further as her anger simmered. "I have my eyes on you Mr. Sunday. Make no mistakes about that. You may think that this is your last year at St. Michaels but remember this, you have to pass my class to graduate." With those parting words, Sister Rebecca pivoted and shuffled away all the while rubbing her rosaries in her clenched fist and mumbling under her breath.

"She needs to get laid." Tiffany grumbled as she stood. Morning Mass was over and the homeroom bell would ring in a few minutes.

"Looks like Father Roberts has been neglecting his vocation." Sin off handedly scoffed as he followed the masses through a corridor that lead outside and to St. Michael's High School.

"Amen to that."

Sin tapped his pencil against his desk; occasionally gliding the eraser along the smooth tan surface. His left elbow rested on top of the desk with his chin braced against his palm. His eyes flickered to the right of him as he gazed outside a nearby window. The sun's rays penetrating his school uniform causing a thin layer of sweat to form on his back and forearms.

In the back ground Sin could hear the distinct drone of his history teacher. The low murmurs of his fellow pairs who have also lost interest in the supposed 'righteous crusades' of the catholic church. It was only his first class of the day, after homeroom, and he already wanted to go home.

"Why was I in such a hurry for summer to end?" Sin asked himself bitterly. And as if a sign from above, the object of his wet dreams appeared, crossing the court yard towards the main hall.

Sin's eyes narrowed in on his target of desire. A familiar spark lit within his lower belly, like the beginning of a bellowing inferno. He watched the other boy as if he were hypnotized; the soft strut of his walk, and slow dip of his hips. The way the sun caught his eyes giving them a twinkle. He watched how the other boy's lips parted to let out a laugh at whatever his friend had said, and how those sinful lips pulled up to smile that oh so painfully sexy smile.

Sin felt his pants grow tight, and groaned in frustration.

"Lord help me…" Sin thought sarcastically.

Sin was ripped from his inner musing at the sound of the bell ringing. Taking deep breaths, he attempted to get his libido under control. Once he got his soldier to stand down, he stood up to gather his books into his black messenger bag ignoring the other bustling students.

Just when Sin was about to leave to his next class a shoulder bumped roughly into his own. Pissed, Sin glared up at the asshole that had rudely shoved him. He was met with three snarling boys.

"Just fucking great; the Holy Trio." Sin groaned to himself. The 'Holy Trio' could be compared to that of the modern day bullies. They were a trio of altar boys with nonexistent morals, and attitudes that left more than enough to be desired. Sin hardly ever dealt with the three, but toward the end of last year when his advances on Gabriel became less of a joke and more serious, Marcus started taking an interest in him.

"Well if it isn't Queen Elizabeth herself. I saw you during Mass this morning you fucking queer, scanning the church for another cock to suck." Marcus, the leader of the 'Holy' Trio' spat out. His little minions, Jake and Peter snickering behind him like a pack of hyenas.

Sin looked Marcus up and down slowly as if he were an antique dealer inspecting a piece of china for any flaws. Marcus could be called a lot of unfavorable things however; being unattractive wasn't one of them. He had that boy-next-door charm that had quite a few girls creaming in their Sunday dresses, no pun intended. He had wavy blond hair and dark blue eyes. Standing around six feet even, he had toned legs that ran for miles. A little smirk always seemed to be plastered on his face as if he were the only one in on some cruel cosmic joke.

After Sin's observation, he broke the heavy silence. "Says the man that gets more ass than a toilet seat." Sin's said, responding to Marcus's earlier jab.

"You're one sick fucker, you know that?" Marcus bit out scathingly.

Sin smirked. 'Did I hit a nerve?'

"Don't be modest Marcus." Sin said huskily advancing on the other boy, a gleam in his eyes. Leaning closer into Marcus's personal space he whispered, "I know what you want." Sin licked his lips, and continued. "You want my hands fisted in your hair as I gag you with my cock. "

Marcus was rooted to the floor completely stunned. He had played with fire and had been burned. Anger made his cheeks flush. Before he could retaliate Mr. Jacobs, the history teacher, broke through the crowd of four boys with irritation marking his features.

"Class is over, so I suggest you four boys mosey along to your next class unless you would like a meeting with Father Roberts."

Marcus checked his anger before turning back to Sin. "See you around…Fag."

"Yeah, you do that." Sin said smoothly. He gathered his messenger bag and left for his English class with a smile on his face.

Gabriel stared ahead at the white board in front of the classroom with determined eyes. His shoulders tense and back casually slouched over in an attempt to seem nonchalant. For the life of him, he couldn't concentrate on what his English teacher was saying. No, his attention was reverted to the burning spot at the back of his neck.

The baby hairs at the back of his neck stood on end as if they were being caressed by invisible fingers. Goosebumps formed on the nape of his neck, down across his shoulder blades under his school uniform. There was only one person who had the ability to cause such a disgusting disturbance within him-self.

The devil's spawn…Sin Sunday.

Sin Sunday had a way of looking at people as if he were fucking them with his eyes. Those piercing blue pools were unnerving. They followed him where ever he went. His only reprieve was the classes that he didn't have with the antichrist. And even then, he felt as if the demon was lurching behind every window and door.

From the very first day of his freshman year, Gabriel knew he would detest the black hair, blue eyed boy. He was arrogant and self centered. He walked into St. Michael's Church as if he was the almighty himself. The Creator of all things, and if Gabriel hadn't of read the bible, he would have believed it to be true. What human could harness such high self-esteem? There were none. Hence the reason Sin Sunday was labeled a demon and heretic. If it were still the olden days he would have been burnt at the stake. Now the worse punishment inflicted was a stern lecher with Father Robert and possibly a detention. If a student was lucky enough, a one day suspension was given to 'reflect on their sins.'

Now Gabriel was not a judgmental person. He believed in, 'everyman for himself'. If he had it his way, Gabriel would have been happier to ignore the little faggot and continued on with school as per the norm. But he soon came to realize by his sophomore year that Sin was not a person that would tolerate being ignored. No, if anything, his excessive harassment became worse. However, it wasn't until junior year that Sin's teasing antics became more sexual. His innuendoes became more abrasive and his searching eyes more probing. And for the life of him, Gabriel couldn't understand why Sin's eyes made him self-conscious. As if Sin was peering into a little window above his soul, and no matter how many times Gabriel pulled the curtain closed Sin always found a way around them. It was maddening.

Gabriel caught himself from his revere, and forced himself to pay attention to his English teacher, Sister Rebecca, drawl on about this year's syllabus. It wouldn't do to become distracted. He only had one more year left at St. Michael's, and then he would be free of the seed of evil.

With Gabriel's resolve strengthened, he sat up straight determined to not turn around and give Sin the satisfaction of seeing his uneasiness. It wouldn't do to encourage the embodiment of sadism.

Sister Rebecca cut into his train of thought with her nauseating voice. "Mr. Sunday, care to tell me what you find so amusing that you feel the need to smile? Surely my dictation is far from enthralling."

Gabriel's neck twitched with the force it took him not to look behind himself. In his mind's eye he could picture Sin Sunday sitting a few desks behind him with his ever present devilish smirk in place. His eyes roving repeatedly over the back of his body, it was disgusting.

The class snickered, waiting with baited breaths to hear Sin's reply. This dance between the two, student and teacher, was older then time its self; A ritual that needed to be re-enacted. Even Gabriel himself waited with curiosity to hear what Sin would say. The silence was overbearing.

"Well Mr. Sunday? I am waiting." Sister Rebecca taunted with boredom. This was how every year started. It was almost like a re-introduction to one another. If history once again repeats its self, this would be the only calm fight between the two. As the year progresses, Sin would surely test her limits.

The class was greeted once again with silence.

Gabriel knew what Sin was waiting for; he was just hesitant to give it. He knew that Sin wanted his undivided attention. For some reason that eludes him, Gabriel knows he craves it. He desires it.

So he gave it.

His upper body twists in his seat until his eyes locked with Sin's. There is no need to search for him. They both know that they are practically sitting next to each other; only separated by a few blurs known as students. It was hard for Gabriel to see anything but those burning eyes; eyes that seem to want to swallow everything in a vortex. They were disgustingly captivating. Gabriel's own eyes harden in order to stay grounded.

And then those peculiarly pink lips opened up to lay rest to the whole class's anxiety. "Life is worth smiling about Sister Rebecca." Sin's sultry voice seemed to caress all the students, but his sol attention was on Gabriel.

The intensity of his eyes caused Gabriel's Adam-apple to bob with a harsh swallow, and his own eyes to break away from his. Tensely Gabriel turned around before Sin could follow up with some crude expression of lust. Gabriel knows him, he would do it regardless if Sister Rebecca was watching or not. He didn't need a re-peat of this morning. He still felt the tremors of disgust throughout his being.

With an irritable huff, Sister Rebecca walked back to her desk at the front of the class to continue her lecture. Gabriel's eyes glued to the white board taken in all the important dates of when projects were due on the syllabus. Occasionally his pen would make a note upon his worksheet. To his relief, the bell soon rang signaling the end of class and the beginning of lunch. Good, he was starving.

Gabriel stood to collect his belongings, making sure to place his syllabus into his English binder. In his haste to stuff the newly printed sheet into its rightful place, he sliced his finger open.

"Shit." Gabriel hissed while examining his right index finger. Blood began to blossom from the small slit at the tip of his pointer finger. He watched in fascination as it began to bubble into a bead of red liquid and roll down.

Gabriel was startled to feel a hand take hold of his wrist. His honey brown eyes shot up to meet starlit blue. After realizing who was holding his wrist, Gabriel made to pull his hand away with a hiss.

"Don't" Sin said with such intensity that for a moment, Gabriel was too stun to fight back.

Sin took advantage of Gabriel's momentary paralysis and brought the other boys finger up to eye level. He examined the paper-cut, his eyes trained on the thin line of blood. And before Gabriel could gather his wits about him, he wrapped his lips around the tip of the index finger and sucked it into his warm constricting mouth. He glided the injured finger all the way in until his nose bumped against the last knuckle. His eyes fluttering close as he hollowed out his cheeks to suck.

Gabriel was stunned. His finger felt like it was on fire. A wet, all consuming heat spread through his hand and up his arm. He watched awestruck in some type of disturbing fascination as Sin's eyes fluttered closed as if he were tasting a piece of heaven. But when the other boy let out a moan around his finger, it brought him back to his senses.

Gabriel ripped his finger out of Sin's mouth with an audible 'pop'. The cool air that attacked the moisture left on his finger made a shiver run up his spine. It was as if his body was demanding a substitution for the warmth it had lost. With that same hand, Gabriel made a fist and punched Sin's smirking face.

Sin's body stood rooted to the ground. His head rolled with the punch to minimize its impact making him face the white board at the front of the class. Silence encased the almost empty classroom only disturbed by Gabriel's light pants. Sin smirked when the taste of blood entered his mouth from the now bruising cut on his lower lip. Casually he looked back at Gabriel until their eyes locked.

Sin took in Gabriel's pink dusted checks as the other boy panted from his sudden surge of anger. His pupils looked dilated. They were no more than a foot apart. And Sin couldn't help but think, 'He is beautiful when he's angry.'

Gabriel furrowed his brows. Was Sin fazed by nothing? The other boy was a complete enigma to him. Not wanting to get into a blown out fist fight, Gabriel grabbed his book-bag and left the classroom without a backwards glance. After all, he knew he would only be greeted with that same indifferent smirk.

Sin let out a huff as he spreads his legs further apart; his back resting against the padded wall that lined the gymnasium. He brought his right hand up to his face to take another drag from his cigarette allowing the sweet poison to curl in his lungs. The metal buckle to his uniformed pants kept banging into his knee, and his boxer briefs continued to dig into the underside of his thighs. The fingers to his left hand were tangled in dirty brown locks of the person kneeling before him.

True to his words, Sin Sunday had Marcus Brown gagging on his cock.

Sin had watched Gabriel leave the classroom after hitting him without a backwards glance. He could only watch as the other boy once again walked away from him. A sudden pain could be felt inside his chest, but just as quickly it was gone. Not one for melodramatics, Sin grabbed his messenger bag and left the empty classroom. As he walked down the hallway he heard the lunch bell sound. He wasn't in the mood to eat. After every encounter with Gabriel he felt hollow and cheap. He needed something to fill that gap left between his ribcage.

Sin made his way outside to the court yard. His eyes scanned the students that populated the area. His eyes flowed over the many masses until he found his prey. A smirk pulled at his lips. It would be amusing to see if he could pull it off. Although he knew he could, he always did no matter who the prey was. He walked over to a tree to lean up against it. His right knee bending so the sole of his foot rested against the trunk of the tree. He dug into his messenger bag for his pack of cigarettes and lit one up.

Sin could tell when his prey's eyes had snagged onto him. He took another drag before clasping eyes across the yard with his intended. He blew out the smoke encased behind his lips and then smirked. He picked up his messenger bag and started to walk back towards the schools entrance. He walked inside and strolled down the empty hallway casually. Sin took the first right and then opened the doors to the gymnasium. He left the door cracked open and then strode to the opposite wall to smoke his cigarette.

He allowed his eyes to fall shut as the taste of nicotine filled his being. A moment later the sound of the gyms door being shut echoed through the room. Then the sound of someone walking across the wooden floor boards and lifting up the accumulated dust reached Sin's ears. A pair of feet stopped about a foot in front of him. Only then did Sin open his eyes to acknowledge his audience of one.

Sin gave Marcus a once over before taking another drag from his cigarette. After exhaling, he broke the silence. "Marcus." His casual tone brought anger to the other boy's eyes.

"You have a lot of fucking nerve. Who the fuck do you think you are? You walk around this school as if you own the place." Marcus snarled out.

"We both know why you are here." Sin casually supplied. He was hardly ruffled by Marcus's ire.

Marcus took a threatening step forward. "And why would that be?"

Sin flicked the ashes from the head of his cigarette, and watched them float to the floor. Without missing a beat Sin looked back up to reply. "You're confused."

"Confused? Confused about what?!" Marcus sputtered.

"You're confused as to why every time I walk into a room your eyes feel the need to follow. You're confused because your body is taking an interest into something you'd never thought it would. I know what you need Marcus, so let me give it to you." Sin's voice was abrasive and rubbed Marcus the wrong way, but they both knew the power of curiosity.

Marcus's angry eyes soften a little before he looked away. "I hate you." He said off handedly.

"No you don't" Sin replied fleetingly.

"But I want to…" Marcus trailed off.

"I know you do." Sin supplied all knowingly.

"How do I…," Continued Marcus unevenly.

Sin smirked as he inhaled from his cancer stick. "Drop to your knees and get started."

Sin could feel his release approaching. His insides continued to tighten almost painfully. Who would have thought Marcus was a natural? Sin opened his eyes to look down at the rosy checked teen before husking out, "You better swallow." And just like that, Sin tugged on Marcus's hair harshly bringing him all the way down on his eight and a half inch cock until his nose brushed his pubic hairs, and came with a grunt. He could feel Marcus gag and struggle. Once done, Sin released the boy's hair from his death hold.

Marcus sat back on his hunches as he took big gulps of air. The back of his throat ached from being banged against, and the corners of his mouth stung from stretching to accommodate Sin's large girth. No wonder why Sin was so cocky, he had a hidden monster in his pants.

Sin composed himself, and pulled up his boxer briefs and black school trousers. After righting his clothes he looked back at the now standing boy. Marcus looked good with pink checks and a flushed appearance. He looked down and noticed that the other boy had a wet spot in the front of his pants. Marcus caught Sin's lower glance and looked down at the front of his pants. His face flamed up upon seeing that he had creamed his pants. A chuckle from Sin brought Marcus's eyes back up to meet a pair of piercing blue eyes.

"Don't worry; it happens to the best of us." Sin said off handedly.

A bell sounded through-out the school to announce the end of lunch. With that both boys departed going their separate ways. Marcus with his curiosity sated, and Sin more relaxed now that the ach residing in his chest had simmered down to its hibernating state. For both boys, the school day couldn't end fast enough.

Gabriel Dashed through the school's parking lot until he got to his 1993 Blue Chevy Impala. He quickly unlocked the door and hopped in. During the last class of the day it had started to pour outside. It was an end of summer rain so the water was relatively warm and didn't chill you to the bone, but that didn't stop kids from running to catch the bus or seek sanctuary in their own vehicles.

Gabriel stuck his car key into the ignition and brought the car to life. He sat there looking out into the rain watching kids' scurry about. The smell of the remnants of summer wafted into the air as the rain pelted the warm ground below. For a moment he was hypnotized by sweet smells and the sounds rushing around him. Gabriel shook his head to bring himself from his zoning out state, and put the car into reverse. Being mindful of the surrounding traffic, he maneuvered his car out of the schools parking lot and began driving home.

John waters, for the fifth time that afternoon, looked out his parlor window with concerned brown eyes. The rain was coming down heavier than before and Gabriel still hadn't come home. Just as his frantic mind could come full circle with another bout of horrible situations that could have happen to his son, a familiar blue Impala pulled into the drive way. John released the breath he didn't realizing he was holding. A smile tugged at his lips as he watched his son dash to the house. A moment later the sound of the front door being opened and slammed closed reached his ears. A drenched clone of his late wife met his eyes.

"What have I told you about slamming the front door closed?" John asked his son with a teasing voice.

"Dad you're home!" Gabriel said with honest surprise and delight.

"I cancelled my afternoon prayer at the church due to the rain. I thought I'd make us an early dinner and relax for once." John gave his son a quick hug and then walked towards the kitchen.

"You shouldn't push yourself too much. Working all day and then volunteering at the church, you are going to run yourself ragged." Gabriel replied sternly. They had this conversation at least three times a week. But Gabriel knew his concern fell on deft ears. Ever since his mother, Maria, passed away six years ago his father had tried to hold everything on his own shoulders. Gabriel just wanted his dad to know that he didn't have to be perfect, that being himself is enough. Just staying by his side was all he needed.

John's eyes softened as he listened to his son. He knew his son meant well. And in truth, John knew deep down inside that he took on more and more responsibility to hide from the loss of his dear wife. The first year without her had been devastating for both of them. They were at a loss on what to do, what the next step would be. Gradually they were able to pick up the pieces. Gabriel had focused more on his academics, and John had picked up his wife's hobby of helping out at local food banks and the local church. Over the years it had become an awarding habit that just fit.

John sighed. It seems they were both still trying to find the balance between themselves. "I know Gabriel. I will try to slow down and make more time for us."

Gabriel rolled his eyes as he followed his father into the kitchen. That was his father's routine answer. This ever occurring argument almost seemed rehearsed. The lines rolling off both their tongues like the finest wine in Italy. Both were too stubborn to back down, and thus a consensus was never reached. After arguing they would just come to a truce for a few days until the time came to breach the subject again. It was maddening, but comforting all the same.

"I mean it Gabriel. I know things have been hectic. I just need to find a way to make everything work, you know?" John continued. "Once everything settles down things should just fall into place."

"I know dad." Gabriel mumbled out. But the truth was that he didn't know. It has been six years since his precious mother had passed away. The pain had subsided to a dull ache, and then had been replaced by only the fond memories he had of her. If after six years things still hadn't 'settled' than when would they?

Gabriel was interrupted by his father coughing into his hand. "Let me gat dinner started," John said, as he started to bustle around the kitchen. Gabriel knew that was a sign that the conversation was over. So with a huff of irritation and partial relief he began helping his father with dinner.

Sin trudged up to the side walk to his house soaking wet from the top of his head to the tip of his socks and sneaker covered toes. His raven black hair clung to the curve of his cheeks. His school's white button up shirt and navy blue blazer clung to him like a second skin. The black and navy dress pants that completed his school uniform seem to glue themselves to his ass and thighs. With every step he took, his soaking sneakers and socks made a squelching noise.

"This fucking sucks." Sin hissed out in aggravation. He practically ripped the front door off its hinges. Once inside he took off his sneakers and socks putting them on the shoe rack. Walking into the parlor he tossed his messenger bag onto the coffee table and without missing a beat walked into the kitchen to meet his smiling mother who was leaning against the counter top; pounding herbs together into a mortar.

"Blessed be Sin." Sin's mother, Cynthia, said with a smile. She had waist length, auburn, curly hair. Her blue eyes seem to twinkle with hidden mirth. Her smile created adorable dimples in her cheeks.

"Blessed be mother." Sin replied with the standard greeting in their Wiccan religion. He walked up to her and gave her a simple embrace before peeking into his mother's mortar. "What are you doing?" He asked with curiosity.

"Mrs. Sara Lane, you know that nosy, gossip lip ridden, buffoon that pickets my herb shop? At one of her demonstrations last week she slipped and fell. She twisted her ankle pretty bad, so I thought I make her a salving balm. Some oil and vinegar to place on her ankle, and some crushed herbs to add to boiling water; it becomes a tea that relaxes the nerves." Cynthia said with a chuckle.

Sin couldn't help but smile. Not the smirk he usual adorns at school, but an actual full lip smile. It was rear, and only ever brought out of him by his mother, but when it shone it put the brightest stars to shame. It lit his face and made him all the more beautiful. "I can see that working over well. The old bat will probably think you are trying to put a curse on her. She fears what she doesn't understand." Sin said with laughing eyes.

"Nonsense, the 'Law of Three' would never let me do such a thing." Sin's mother said with a childish huff.

Sin reached into the cupboard for a glass and then walked over to the refrigerator to retrieve the jug of water. After pouring himself a glass and putting the jug away he turned back to his mother. "I scarcely believe that gossiping wench knows about the 'Law of Three.' Her and her followers are only concentrated on resurrecting an all but forgotten custom; witch hunting."

"Well if she expects me to hop on a broom and fly, or levitate something, she has another thing coming." She replied with a frown. Honestly, who stuck to such barbaric out looks?

Sin could only shake his head at his mother's naivety. People like Mrs. Sara don't care to understand the real nature of Paganism. They just wanted to label them as Satan worshippers when that couldn't be further from the truth. Wiccan, a form of Paganism, is the blanket term given to describe religions and spiritual practices of pre-Christian Europe. It is a religion based not on Satanism, but the spiritual realm and believing that certain human aliments can be cured by what Mother Nature offers us. They believe in many Goddesses and that the spiritual realm co-exists parallel to this one.

Sin put his now empty glass in the sink. "People watch movies like 'Hocus Pocus' and draw their own silly conclusions about who Wiccans are. It is their ignorance that blinds them."

Cynthia hummed her agreement as she packaged her get well present for Mrs. Sara. "Well we all can't be as open minded as you sweetie," she said happily as she patted the side of Sin's face. "How was your first day back to school? Did you see that boy you have been fixated on?" Cynthia asked without missing a beat.

Sin slumped into one of the kitchen table chairs in defeat. He knew this topic was coming. Without question, he loves his mother dearly, but she was too nosey for her own good sometimes. 'Perhaps meddlesome is a more accurate term for her.' Sin thought somewhat bitterly.

"Yes, yes. We have English and Art class together." Sin said quickly. He learned earlier on that it was better to get conversations with his mother over as quickly as possible if not; she tended to get more information out of you then you bargained for.

"Was he as yummy and delectable as always?" Cynthia asked while washing her mortar and Sin's empty glass in the sink.

Sin couldn't help but scowl at his mother's back. It was obvious by her question that she had something up her sleeve.

"Quite. As always, he rivals even the God Apollo in looks. And when he gets angry…" Sin had to pause as memories from earlier in the day bombarded his mind's eye. "…he's absolutely stunning."

Cynthia gave an 'hmm' of acknowledgement as if she already knew what had happen, and even more disturbingly, what might happen. "I have read the stars these past few nights. It's amazing what is written in the heavens." She said cryptically.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Sin asked with a raised eye-brow.

"It means that nothing is ever out of reach to those with hope and unwavering determination." Cynthia said as she dried her hands and turned to kiss Sin upon his brow. "Now what do you want for dinner?"

Sin just looked up at her courageously. Was his mother completely mad? "Mom, have you been sniffing out of the herb pot again?" He asked skeptically.

Cynthia gave her son a glare. "How dare you be so rude to your own mother. That tongue of yours is like a whip." She continued to glare at her son while he looked back at her unbelievingly. Suddenly a smile broke out onto her face and she cackled.

"I may have invited Mary Jane over for a spot of tea," Cynthia said casually.

Sin couldn't hold his laugh in. His mother was a riot all on her own. "What, and didn't save any for me?" Sin asked in mock horror.

With a smirk upon her face, Cynthia passed the sugar bowl towards her son. She stood to gather the herbs and oils she had prepared for Mrs. Lane. It was getting late and she wanted to get her visit over with. Before she crossed the doors thrash hold she turned to give Sin a pointed stare. "Don't smoke it all you hear? I am going to need a pick-me-up after dealing with that insufferable know-it-all."

Sin chuckled before waving his mother off. "Have fun, don't rush back," he said while she walked out the back door from the house. Now left alone he smiled to himself. He would smoke his mother's remaining Blunt and then go up to his bedroom to masturbate to images of Gabriel in all sorts of vicarious positions. After all, masturbation was a high all on its own; add in some marijuana and you were fucking on cloud nine right next to Jesus.

Sin laughed at his own disturbing imagination as he lit the blunt in his hand. He had plans God damn it and he was going to enjoy them.


Author Note:

Cynthia's sentence: "I may have invited Mary Jane over for a spot of tea," is actually a play on words. Mary Jane is another way of saying marijuana which is an illegal drug (or herb depending on your outlook! Hahahaha) that can be smoked or consumed.

The 'Law of Three' is one of the Wiccans code of ethics. "The Law of Three, also called the Rule of Three, is the concept that everything you put out returns to you threefold. This applies to physical action, magical action, and energy and the effects are usually felt immediately.

According to the law, if you tell a lie, people will lie to you. If you cast a spell to make someone sprain her ankle, you'll probably break your ankle and be in a cast for three times as long. If you tend to be a sunny, positive person, you will attract three times as much positive energy. If you tend to be pessimistic and expect the worst, what you dread will come to pass, and it'll probably be three times as bad as you expected."

The rest of this information can be found on the Wiccans ethic page on

Information on Wiccans and Paganism was found on the Wikipedia. If something is incorrect, I'll fix it when I'm not too fat and lazy to.

This is my first Original story so I would appreciate constructive criticism, but flames are not welcomed. If you like the story so far, you rock. If you don't you can suck a duck.

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