Sinning On Sunday

Written by: Justina G. aka rAiNwAtEr/verboten666

Summary: Sin Sunday is the biggest pervert at St. Michaels Academy. He takes what he wants; when he wants it, and doesn't make excuses. His philosophy, 'Take all and leave no prisoners.' Enter Heterosexual, Catholic loving Gabriel Waters. Completely hot, and totally out of Sin's league. Gabriel would rather see Sin stoned to death then touch the 'fag'. What will happen when their worlds collide? Let the war of love begin. Who says apocalypses aren't fun? Are you ready for the end of the world?

Chapter One: Dirty Little Secrete

"…I'll keep you my dirty little secret
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret
Who has to know…"

All American RejectsDirty Little Secret

Sin was uneasy.

No, perhaps uneasy wasn't the right word to use. He was antsy. After everything that had happened on Friday his weekend seemed dull in comparison. Add in the fact that his mother made him once again fill in at her Wiccan shop, left him on edge.

He sighed to himself as he lent over the cashier counter resting on his elbows. His blue piercing eyes trained on the few patrons browsing the dimly lit shop. The smell of incense burning throughout the store filled all those within with relaxation. Time didn't seem to exist here, nor was it wanted.

This was a judgment free zone that allowed those with curious minds to explore the many treasures that lined the shelves. Eyes traced the intricate patterns on Celtic relics. Noses twitched over the multi-scented incense, and for those brave enough, fingers reverently traced old leather bound spell books.

A hint of pride blossomed in Sin's chest. This was his mother's shop. This was her means of properly introducing society to what Paganism really is. This was proof that hard work and persistence paid off. This shop began as an idea. Than morphed into a symbolism of hope, and finally became reality a little over ten years ago.

This store was his mother's saving grace after Daniel, his younger brother, died twelve years ago.

Sin shook his head to rid himself of depressing thoughts. The front door chimed signaling either the entrance or exit of another customer. He looked up and a little to the left to see who had set off the door chime. He caught a glimpse of a broad back covered in a long sleeved black shirt, and wisps of dirty blond hair.

'Could that be…' Sin thought briefly. Suddenly he was filled with white hot anger. Without thinking, Sin dashed out from behind the register at the back of the shop, and ran to the front entrance. Like a mad-man on a mission, Sin ripped the front door open almost taking it off the hinges and breaking the chimes, before launching himself out to the concrete sidewalk. His head whipped from side to side, his eyes scanning the light traffic of sidewalk pedestrians.

When it became clear that his elusive pray was nowhere to be seen, Sin let out an enraged, "Fuck!"

Marcus had gotten away.

It was no secret at St. Michaels that he and his family are Wiccans. It was often used as the butt of many jokes by his fellow classmates. The fact that his mother owns the only Wiccan shop in their small city was also well known. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Marcus knew where to find him. The only question was; what did he want?

Sin allowed his eyes to scan up and down the busy sidewalk before deflating and walking back into his mothers shop. Marcus would get what was coming to him. Sin didn't know what the other boy was trying to accomplish last Friday, but he was prepared to give as good as he had received. If Marcus thought that he would be passive and let that whole incident blow over, he was sadly mistaking and grossly underestimating Sin's ire.

He would learn soon enough.

With another sigh, Sin weaved his way through the aisle that lined the store. As he was passing the herb soothing balm section a familiar voice drifted into his ears.

"Excuse me sir, but do you have this balm in a sandal wood scent?" Tiffany said in a mock sophisticated patron voice.

Against Sin's better judgment he let a smirk blossom on his lips. "Have you come to save me from my boredom?" Sin asked pleadingly.

"Even better my darling, I have come to gossip about boys and cloths with you," Tiffany said as she grabbed Sin's right hand and tugged him towards the cash register.

Sin let a groan pass between his lips. Honestly, sometimes Tiffany resembled his mother in so many ways. "I already told you everything that had transpired between Gabriel and I last Friday."

Tiffany let go of Sin's hand so that she could hop onto the cashiers counter. "I know but I need more," she said with a devious grin.

Sin sighed as he pushed a lock of hair behind his ear. With measured steps he walked behind the counter braced his forearms against the counter top to support his leaning weight. "You can't bleed blood from a rock Tiff."

Said girl huffed out her cheeks in aggravation. "Are you nervous? Tomorrow is Monday and you'll finally get to see Gabriel you know."

"I know," Sin said with apprehension. To be honest he didn't know where he stood with Gabriel. He didn't know what was to be expected of him. Come Monday, should he be expecting Gabriel to snob him or speak with him? Was their budding friendship doomed to fail before it even began? These thoughts rolled over and over in his head.

"Earth to Sin, please come back down through this atmosphere," Tiffany said mockingly. "Listen there is nothing to be worried about. Things will play out however they are meant to. There's nothing you or anyone else can do about it."

"That's what I am afraid of," Sin replied sullenly.

A comfortable silence engulfed the two as they watched the shopping patrons' brows the aisles. The weather was still rather warm for September. The cooling vents in the stores ceiling blew out cool air above head. There was a light lull humming throughout the shop from the many customers whispering to each other about each trinket they examined. It was a typical Sunday and Sin wouldn't have it any other way.

A voice from the front entrance to the store brought the two out of their reverie.

"I can't believe it!" Cynthia pelted as she walked briskly towards the register where Sin and Tiffany watched with wide eyes.

As she approached Sin could tell that her cheeks where slightly red and her breathing was a bit erratic. "What's going on mom?" Sin asked with concern.

"Mrs. Sara Lane just placed a restraining order on me because I tried to deliver that salving balm to her again! Can you believe it? The nerve of people, I was only trying to help! But you would think by the way she reacted that I was trying to poison her or something." Cynthia harshly whispered to the two teens.

It took Sin a minute to process what his mother had said. Then he looked over at Tiffany and as soon as their eyes met they broke out into hysterical laughter.

"Well I say; it isn't funny at all." Cynthia said as her ire deflated a little.

Sin was gasping for air like a fish out of water. Honestly, his mother was a riot. Did she have any sense of reality? Mrs. Sara Lane was not throwing picnics outside of their shops every other weekend, but organized protest to have their shop closed down for 'obscene' practices. And here his mother was trying to give said women Paganism remedies.

"Cynthia, I just adore you." Tiffany managed to gasp out. Honestly she was too cute for words.

Cynthia looked back and forth between the two cackling teenagers and then shook her head. "You two have been breathing in too many incense. Get out, the both of you." Cynthia said with a soured expression.

Sin managed to get himself under control. "Will do, Merry part mother," Sin said while giving her a hug in apology. Immediately Cynthia brightened and gave Sin a small loving smile.

"Merry Part Sin, and don't forget that you have to help me close the store tonight," Sin's mother said with playful glare.

"Don't worry Ms. Sunday; I'll have Sin here home before the clock strikes midnight. I don't want him turning into a pumpkin!" Tiffany beamed out while grabbing Sin's hand and pulling him towards the exit.

"Wait, where are we going?" Sin tried to protest. Tiffany's ideas were always sketchy at best.

"Why, shopping or course!"Tiffany replied without remorse.

"That was what I was afraid of." Sin said with a groan. Life was never easy with a shopaholic best friend.

"Now tell me more about Mr. Waters…" Tiffany hummed as she pulled Sin out into the bustling streets.

Gabriel could honestly say that he had never felt more ashamed of himself as he did at this moment. Well this week anyways. The drapes to his room were closed consuming his bedroom in almost complete darkness. He lay curled up under his quilt with a half a gallon of chocolate mousse ice-cream watching his newly burned anime DVD.

He was miserable.

His weekend had started off like any other weekend; Just a mile stone to mark the passing of another week. His father had asked him to volunteer at their local church. He had agreed but only because he had thought it would include spending more time with his workaholic dad. He had been wrong. His Friday and Saturday had consisted of cleaning dirty confession booths and letting old, slowly decaying, ladies pinch his cheeks while telling him how handsome he was.

His cheeks were still a pinched pink.

Sunday he was once again dragged to church at an ungodly hour to worship a God he wasn't even sure existed. Then, after being forced to donate his hard earned allowance into the churches greedy collection box, he had made the pain stricken journey to the graveyard to pay his respect to his late mother.

Now here he was, still in full Sunday dress, wallowing in his despair under his comforter with a half eaten box of ice-cream.

A knock sounded from his closed bedroom door. Gabriel debated whether to grant entrance to his father or not. He was more than a little hurt that his father still wasn't trying to make time for him. Underneath that hurt was a slowly simmering anger. An anger he faired would boil over until his bottled up emotions were released. With a sigh and a mild thought of self hate, Gabriel granted his father permission to enter.

"Hey buddy. Is everything alright?" John Water said with concern as he walked into his son's room and up to his bed.

Gabriel peeked out from under the covers to look up at his father. His anger had died down to disappointment. With another audible sigh he sat up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired," Gabriel replied with heavy shoulders. He was far from being fine.

John spotted the ill disguised box of ice-cream sitting on the bed next to his son. He narrowed his eyes in concern before rolling the unoccupied computer chair over to the side of Gabriel's bed and taking a seat.

For a moment neither man said anything. The silence in the room seemed deafening. Every breath they took and every small move they made sounded magnified. John was the first to break the silence.

"I'm worried about you sport. I know we don't see a lot of each other. And today being the anniversary of…that tragedy…"John broke off for a moment trying to reword himself. He wasn't an open man by nature. "I just want you to know that you can talk to me about anything. And if you need a shoulder to cry on, or if you feel the need to talk about your mother I'm here for you."

Gabriel felt a flower of guilt blossom in his gut. It traveled to his chest and slowly constricted his throat. He didn't want to talk about that. He wasn't strong enough to speak about his mother. Although the pain had long sense faded from his everyday life, it still felt too fresh to speak of it. Perhaps he would never be ok to talk about it.

A sudden bout of anger raced through him at his father's carelessness. Why couldn't his father see that not all of his problems steamed from his mother's death? Why did his father have to trudge up such painfully memories? Couldn't he see that 'he' was the problem? What was preventing his father from seeing that the further his father distance himself from Gabriel, it only made him feel worst?

"Look, I said I'm fine." Gabriel barked out before standing from his bed. With a brisk pace he marched to his closet and snatched out a pair of jeans and t-shirt with the intent of taking a shower. As he exited his room he heard his father's feeble attempt to stop him.


Gabriel slammed the bathroom door closed. He was angry, but had no outlet to channel that anger to. He ripped his clothes off and turned the shower on. He let his hand test the water spurting from the water spout, and when it was the right temperature, he stepped in closing the shower curtain behind him.

He was frustrated.

There was an ever curling knot within him that seems to be tightening. He needed to relax, and think clearly. This wasn't like him. He was usually quiet and reserved. He slowly took deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down. Once relaxed he started to caress his body. In his mind's eye he pictured large breast and dusty pink, perked nipples. His hand felt its way down his toned abs to grasp his slowly building arousal.

A small moan left Gabriel's parted lips as he pictured toned thighs wrapping around his hips as he thrust into a tight heat. Slowly his right hand built a tempo. With the aid of some shampoo he gradually built up his arousal.

"Fuck…" Gabriel hissed out as the water from the shower pelted his back relaxing the muscles there. It felt so good. It had been too long sense he last masturbated. He cupped his tightening balls as he thrust harder into his hand. "Ah, so good…"

He was panting now. He rubbed his hand over the head of his circumcised cock; Fisting himself harder as he pictured a phantom lover whispering naughty words into his ear. Before he knew it, he was letting go. His breath hitched as his seed shot out of him almost violently. His breath stuttered as he sunk down to sit on his ass. He rested his back against the heated shower tiles trying to bring himself back down to earth.

"Damn, I needed that." Gabriel chuckled out before standing up and rinsing off. He shut the water off and grabbed a towel wrapping it around his waist as he stepped out.

After a quick dry off, Gabriel put on his cloths. Picking his previously worn cloths up off the slightly damp bathroom floor, he made his way back to his bedroom. Tossing his Sunday cloths into a hamper he grabbed his keys and wallet before walking out of his room and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs he slipped his sneakers on before making his way towards the pallor. There his father was sitting on the couch watching the news.

"Where are you headed to?" John asked with surprise. It was rare to see Gabriel up and about on a Sunday.

"I was thinking about heading over to the mall." Gabriel said with a small shrug of his shoulders.

"Well make sure you bring your keys. I have to head back to the church soon to help Sister Sara out with the replacement of all their confection ovens." John said off handedly

"Of course you do." Gabriel grumbled with irritation.

"What was that sport?" John said distractedly as he watched the TV unblinkingly.

"Nothing, I'll be back later." And with that Gabriel walked out the house towards his trusty blue steed. His relieved tension was coming back again, and this time, Gabriel didn't think that it could be solved with a simple jack session.

"You want to fuck him don't you?" Tiffany casually asked Sin as she browsed through hanging T-shirts. "You want to bend him over Father Robert's desk and pound his little white ass in."

Sin arched an eyebrow at his best friend's colorful description. As crude as it may be, he couldn't deny that he wanted Gabriel Waters. After all, Sin was only human, and humans always desire the unobtainable. He was no different.

Sin chose to let Tiffany's accusation roll off his shoulders. "How long are you planning to drag me around this over populated, teenage infested, mall?" He asked with boredom.

"For as long as my little black heart desires." Tiffany replied absentmindedly as she examined another shirt. "Do you think this would make me look fat?"

Sin rolled his eyes in exasperation. Truly, this world took all kinds. He quickly looked down at the shirt she was holding up. It looked pretty nice. It would probably match her frame nicely.

"You'll look obese in that." Sin said as he walked away calmly.

Tiffany stomped her foot in annoyance. Sin could be an asshole sometimes. "Where are you going?"

Sin kept walking towards the front of the store. "I am going to go molest the male cashier with my eyes," he said over his shoulder.

"Use protection." Tiffany commented dryly.

Casually Sin made his way to the front cash register. Occasionally he would stop to exam a pair of jeans or a t-shirt, and to an average person it would seem that he was just another in-significant shopper. Those people were wrong.

Sin was a man on a mission.

The goal: getting a piece of the stud muffin behind the counter.

Eventually, Sin browsed his way towards a display table by the register. Randomly he picked up an article of clothing from the table and fidgeted with it to further his charade. Now that he was close enough to exam his new victim he took the time to do so.

The boy seemed to be around Sin's age, maybe a year or two older. He had Brown hair that was stylishly mussed as if he just had wild monkey sex. His cloths were similar to the local skater boys in school. The khaki pants and black, tight, polo shirt screamed 'GAY'. He looked fit, if only a little bit on the skinny side. Upon closer inspection Sin notice the name tag up to the right of the other boy's pocket.

'Well hello Brian…' Sin thought while mentally licking his lips. This boy was absolutely delicious.

The wheels in Sin's head began to turn as he thought up a way to get Brian's attention. If all went well, Sin would have a new butt buddy. If he failed, well…Sin Sunday didn't fail at anything thus there was no need for a back-up plan. He would have Brian; the other boy just didn't know it yet.

Before Sin could put his plan in motion, a voice sounded behind him that made him stop in his tracks.

"Sin, Sin Sunday is that you?" A voice asked curiously.

For a split moment in time, Sin's heart stopped. The world stopped spinning and knocked it's self off of its axes. Gravity reversed and the sun exploded. Then, just as suddenly as the universe had destroyed itself, everything came flooding back. Slowly Sin turned around to come face to face with Gabriel Waters.

Sin, for all his high self-esteem and cockiness, couldn't think of anything to say, so he just nodded his head like a retard. Once he came to his senses, he replied, "Hey Gabriel."

Gabriel graced Sin with a small smile. "Shopping?" Gabriel inquired with a raised eyebrow before his laughing eyes glanced down at what Sin was holding.

Slightly confused, Sin also looked down. In his hand was a neon pink girl's thong. Quickly he threw it back down on the display table as if his hand had been scorched by fire. The damage however, was already done.

Gabriel busted out laughing.

A smug smirk appeared on Sin's face. A warm light blossomed in his chest. He was able to make Gabriel Waters, Mr. tight ass of the school, smile.

And damn did it make him feel good.

"Yes I am shopping. You see I like to wear silk thongs on the weekends. It allows me to release my inner drag queen." Sin said with a shit ass grin.

"How very feminine of you, I didn't peg you as a hot pink type of guy. Now purple on the other hand…" Gabriel trailed off while laughing.

He never would have thought that his first bump in with Sin after their alliance would have blasted off so well. Awkwardness, and unease he was waiting for, but this relaxed atmosphere they were generating he was not.

Out of the blue Tiffany scooted up beside Sin while jabbing him with her elbow. "Intro; intro…" She whispered loudly.

Sin glared at her from the corner of his eyes. He grilled her partly because she was messing up his 'moment' with Gabriel, and partially because she was elbowing him in the kidney.

"Gabriel, this is my friend Tiffany." Sin said without much vigor.

Ever the civilized one, Gabriel returned his greeting and shook Tiffany's hand. After the pleasantries were over, Tiffany took the opportunity to open her big fat mouth.

"So I finally get to meet the heart throb of St. Michaels. Sin has told me so much about you."

Sin's wayward hand got the best of him as it wacked his big mouth friend upside the head. "Pay no heed to her, she's a little on the retarded side. We usually don't let her out of the house but…" Sin's sentence was cut off by Tiffany's outraged voice.

"Why you son of a…" Tiffany began only to be silence by a security guard that had been called over to deal with the 'rowdy' teenagers.

Sin saw the renter cops coming first. His eyes met Gabriel's and then Tiffany's; projecting his inner thoughts. He only hoped that the other two were as in-tuned with their basic survival instincts as he was.


And just like that, all three of them burst out into a run towards the exit of the store and through the malls heavy trafficked walkways. All the while they were laughing uncontrollably in their haste to lose the overweight donut jugglers. They ran through the food court and then Macy's. They made it all the way to Spencer's where they lost sight of their pursuers.

"I can't breathe…" Sin gasped out

"That's because…you smoke…too much." Tiffany huffed in the direction of Sin's bent over body.

"Both of you – pant, huff – are out of – gasp, cough – shape." Gabriel wheezed.

Tiffany was the first to recover. "Well boy's I have a few errands to run for my mother so I am going to have to part from you delinquents. It was nice meeting you Gabriel." Tiffany said with a small smile.

"Take care." Gabriel said just as politely.

"Sin, call me later. We have things to…" Tiffany paused briefly to glance over in Gabriel's direction. "…discuss. Come tomorrow morning I expect a full debriefing soldier."

"Sir yes sir." Sin replied in a mock soldier voice while saluting Tiffany with his middle finger.

"Carry on men." Tiffany said over her shoulder as she left the two boys alone to their own devises. She knew when she was unwanted. She might not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but she could tell the two needed some private male bonding time.

After another minute of trying to put oxygen back into his lungs and brain, Sin straightened himself up from his bent over fetal position. Casually he took a quick look around. The store was filled with sexual gag gifts. Movement to the right of him caught his eye.

"I'm starved. Do you want to grab something to eat with me?" Gabriel asked Sin offhandedly.

With perfect timing, Sin's stomach took the initiative to grumble loudly, "Yeah, Chinese?"

"Perfect," Gabriel replied as the two walked out of Spencer's banging right towards the food court.

The wonderful mixed aromas emanating from the food court led the two starving boys towards their destination. The heavenly scent of spicy Indian curry; baked Italian pastas, pizzas, and Chinese cuisine blended all together to satisfy any pallet and cause the driest of mouths to salivate.

In unisons the two boys made their way to one of the Chinese booths. Sin ordered General Toa's chicken and Gabriel helped himself to an order of Crab Rangoon's with beef lo'mein. After each boy loaded up their trays with napkins and sauce packages, they scanned the area for an empty table.

Finding an empty table was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. As soon as one emptied a group of vultures would swoop down and occupy it. You had to be quick and nimble. You needed eyes like a hawk. As soon as a party looked like it was about to depart, you have to calmly make your way over. If you rush or allow your eyes to zone in on your intended eating area, you could alert your fellow diners. You had to be nonchalant.

Sin quickly caught sight of an empty table by the large glass windows overlooking water cannels. He quickly nodded his head towards it and Gabriel followed him over to the table taking a seat.

Both boys ate in silence for a while; each just soaking up the others presence. Unconsciously they were feeling each other's vibes out. Newly formed friendships or truce needed to be taken slowly. Boundaries needed to be established. A budding friendship was like a cornered wild animal; the slightest move could rupture the peace and destroy the forming bridges.

Gabriel was the first to break the silence.

"So are you bisexual or just Gay?" Gabriel asked after taking a sip of his Ginger ale.

Sin couldn't help it, he started choking. He was going to die with a piece of General Tao's chicken stuck in his throat. After a few well placed bumps to his chest from his right fist, and forcing his throat mussels to expand and contract, he managed to burp up said chicken. Slyly he used a napkin to spit the deadly chicken into it before gulping down some of his Coca-Cola.

Sin weighed his options. On the one hand Bisexuals were less taboo in society then homosexuality, and although Sin would never hide his sexuality, he didn't want to scare Gabriel away. Although if any of his previous stunts hadn't tipped the boy off, nothing else would.

"I'm gay," Sin replied while staring Gabriel directly in the eyes. They needed to get this out in the open. Gabriel would either be accepting or not, but Sin wasn't going to hide his true preference.

"I'm cool with that," Gabriel replied just as easily. He held no malice for Homosexuals. What a person chose to do on their own time was their business.

It was Sin's turn to ask a question. He needed to find out whether or not he would ever have a chance with Gabriel. If he didn't, then he would bury his lust, because surely that's all it is, and fully accept the friendship Gabriel was offering him. Either way he wanted to be in the other boy's life.

"Have you ever thought about experimenting with another boy?" Sin tried to ask casually.

Gabriel took another sip of his soda before looking Sin right in the eye, "Never. I don't have feelings for guys like that."

And just like that Sin was broken. He took a deep breath and then exhaled releasing all his shattered hope. Now he knew for sure. Now he could move on.

Gabriel's next words brought Sin out of his inner conflict.

"Do you have feelings for me?" Gabriel asked honestly.

Sin honestly didn't know how to answer. Did he have feelings for Gabriel? He had thought everything leading up to this moment was only based on lust, but could it be something more? Would a person become fixed completely on another person for many years due only to lust? Would a simple smile, or brief glance in the school's hallways that made him catch his breath be all because of lust?

No. Lust wasn't strong enough. This feeling that had begun to swelter within him was so much more than that. But what was it? Yes, he did have feelings for Gabriel. Somewhere along the way his lust had morphed into honest feelings, but could he tell the other boy that? Or more importantly, could he risk it?

"At first I found you attractive, but I don't have feeling for you," Sin lied smoothly. He didn't want to ruin the way Gabriel saw him. Besides, soon this 'crush;' would die in time, and this lie will become reality, Sin was sure of it.

"Then what was up with all those innuendos?" Gabriel asked skeptically.

"I was just fucking with you. I thought you were homophobic so I thought it would piss you off." Sin lied casually. In truth he just didn't know how to express his feelings to the honey haired boy. He had hated when Gabriel had ignored him.

"Oh, ok. Good. To be honest I'm kind of relieved. It might have been awkward now that we're friends and everything," Gabriel said with a smile before he tucked back into his food.

Sin sighed. 'Yeah awkward…' Sin thought to himself. He only hoped that his little 'crush' would end quickly, he already didn't like the gnawing guilt eating him up inside.

Sin stuck his hands into the pockets of his Hoodie as he walked down Transit Avenue heading to his mothers Wiccan shop. The sun had begun to set, and with its ebbing departure came a light rain. His hair became damp as well as his under shirt, but both went unnoticed by the brooding boy, he was locked in thought.

"Do you have feelings for me?"

Gabriel's thoughtless question was tying Sin's stomach in knots. Those six little words, that alone seemed insignificant, were spinning his world upside down. Was it possible for him to harbor feelings for the other boy? And if he did, when did they start? How could he not have noticed?

"…I don't have feeling for you,"

"Oh, ok. Good. To be honest I'm kind of relieved. It might have been awkward now that we're friends and everything,"

Sin ran a hand through his damp hair in frustration. There was no point in dwelling on whether or not he had feelings for the other boy. Gabriel was completely heterosexual, and Sin had sealed his fate by agreeing to their friendship.

Hadn't he already said that he would take whatever Gabriel offered him?

Sin shook his head in annoyance. He was now only two streets away from "Charmed" his mother's Wiccan shop. He stopped at a corner waiting for the little man on the poll across the street to turn green signaling the ok for pedestrians to cross. Now that he was no longer looking at his feet, Sin noticed a figure looking into Charms window. Although the sun hadn't fully set, it was still difficult to see who the other person was.

The little man on the poll turned green. Sin crossed the street without letting his eyes wonder from the unknown person. With only one more block between them, Sin could make out that the other person was a boy. Not just any boy.

It was Marcus Brown.

Anger swelled within Sin. It felt like a tsunami; completely and utterly unavoidable and it sapped all reason from him. Without thinking, Sin dashed across the street. The other boy noticed his approach too late. Sin whirled Marcus around by his coat, pinned him to the side of the building and punched him dead in the stomach.

Marcus's eyes bulged impossibly wide as his body tried to gasp for the air it had lost. He couldn't breathe and Sin's hand pressing against his solar plexus to hold him in place wasn't helping.

"Why the fuck are you here Marcus," Sin growled out menacingly. "Depending on your answer I may let you live."

The other boy struggled to take a breath in. Sin, noticing Marcus's predicament, eased up the pressure he was applying to his chest. After taking a few gulps of air, Marcus's brain remembered how to breathe. Panting, he looked up at Sin. The fire burning within the others eyes enough to scare even the devil.

For a moment neither boy said anything. The street light turned on and the traffic seems to dwindle. The light rain had stopped and in its place was a chilling breeze. Before one of them could break the silence, Sin's mother emerged. She had witnessed the display from inside.

"Sin, I think you should take this somewhere else. I can close up the shop alone."Cynthia's words were not spoken with callousness. She knew her son, and as a result she trusted him. He was old enough to take care of his own affairs, and she trusted him to come to her if he needed help.

Sin tore his eyes away from his prey to glance at his mother. He knew she was right. He didn't want to cause a ruckus in front of her shop. He let a sigh escape him and with it a part of his anger. His open hostility wasn't getting him anywhere.

Looking back at Marcus, Sin broke the silence between them. He didn't use words; he let his eyes communicate for him.

'Follow me.'

Sin quickly pulled away. He knew there was a city park down the street. The dense foliage would be helpful if a fight broke out between the two. The last thing he wanted was to get arrested for disturbing the peace.

"I'll meet you at home." Sin said to his mother as he passed by her knowing Marcus would follow.

"I'll be waiting." Cynthia replied with a small smile. After all, boys will be boys.

Sin rounded the corner and walked quickly towards the park. He was pissed off but most of his anger had abated. He was more curious as to what Marcus wanted.

Both boys entered the park with Sin leading the way. The blue eyed temptress made his way to a secluded bike path that had two benches on either side of said path facing each other. Sin took one bench expecting the other boy to take the other one straight across from him. Marcus didn't disappoint.

"I know you were at the shop earlier. What are you up to?" Sin asked without missing a beat.

Marcus looked off to the side with a frown marring his handsome face. He looked thoughtful and pensive at the same time.

"I don't know," Marcus replied with a small voice. In truth he didn't know what drew him to the other boy. It was like Sin was the sun and the whole solar system was forced to orbit him.

"Bullshit," Sin hissed out his anger returning. "Why the fuck did you jump me in the parking lot last week? I should kick your fucking ass right now."

Marcus finally lifted his eyes to meet Sin's and glared. Why couldn't Sin understand?

"I thought you were going to tell everyone that I…" Marcus trailed off. They both knew how his sentence would end; '…sucked your cock.'

Sin once again deflated. He should have known better then to mess with a closet case. Shit like this always happened. He wasn't in the business of meddling in other people's problems, but seeing the miserable look that crossed the other boys face compelled him.

"Look, what happened that day is no one's business." Sin sighed as he carded his hand through his hair, a frustrating habit. "You sucked me off, end of story. I wasn't planning on announcing it to the whole world."

Marcus's glare let up. Some of his unease was lifted from his shoulders with Sin's reassurance to not tell anyone.

Seeing that the other boy looked less trouble, Sin continued. "Let's just pretend nothing happened. You go your way and I'll go mine. School is big enough for us not to bump into one another outside of classes."

For reasons unknown, the thought of not talking to Sin anymore sent a pain through Marcus's chest. But hadn't this been what he wanted? Didn't he want to pretend that Sin didn't exist? Now that it was being offered to him so easily, Marcus didn't think so.

"Let's be friends," Marcus blurted out before his brain could catch up and stop him.

Sin looked at the other as if he were on drugs. "Let me get this straight. You attempt to kill me after school, you stalk me where I work, cause nothing but trouble for me, and expect me to become friends with you?" Sin asked exasperated.

Marcus could only nod his head that yes; he did want to be friends.

Sin couldn't believe it. "Get bent."

Sin rose from the bench and quickly started walking towards the exit of the park. He was not the forgiving type.

Marcus could only watch Sin walk away. In truth he knew he couldn't expect the other boy to accept him with open arms. But even so, a weight settled on his chest. Watching Sin as he walked away made his throat tighten.

"But isn't this what I wanted…?" Marcus asked the night air.

Sin made it home quicker than expected. As promised, his mother was waiting for him in the kitchen. She could tell by the look on Sin's face that he wasn't in the mood to talk about what ever had transpired between him and the other boy. She let it slide.

"I made dinner. I fixed you a plate and put it in the microwave," Cynthia said calmly.

Sin rummaged through the fridge for a drink. Grabbing an apple juice box he closed the door and walked out of the kitchen replying to his mom over his shoulder, "I'm not hungry."

It was true, he was still filled from lunch with Gabriel.

'Gabriel…' Sin thought to himself. 'That boy is going to be the death of me.'

Without much through Sin made it up the stairs and into his bedroom. He locked his door before disrobing down to his boxers. Pretending he could fly, he sailed through the air then landing on his bed with an 'oaf'. Picking up his cell phone from his nightstand, Sin pressed one on his keypad speed dialing Tiffany. If he didn't call her now before he fell asleep he wouldn't hear the end of it all day tomorrow.

The phone on the other end only rang once before Sin could hear his irate friend on the other line. "Where have you been?" Tiffany hissed out. "I've been dying from curiousness! TELL ME EVERYTHING!"

Sin rolled over onto his stomach and groaned into his pillow. Women were troublesome. "We had lunch."

"And?!" Tiffany stressed out. Was Sin trying to piss her off?

Not seeing how to get around it, Sin replayed everything that had happened between Gabriel and himself. And just for the hell of it, he included his adventure with Marcus.

Silence rained between the two. Sin hated being pitied. It made him feel less of himself and ate away at his high self-esteem.

"Ouch," Was all Tiffany could manage. Nothing stung worst then the bitter sword of rejection. Except when the other party doesn't know their words were taking as such. It adds to the agony, she was sure.

"Yeah," Sin replied lamely.

"So how about them stinking Yankee's" Tiffany said with a forced laugh.

Sin snorted. He appreciated her thoughtfulness to change the subject even though she failed miserably. "Go Red Sox"

"Listen Sin," Tiffany said pleadingly. "If there was anyone in this world who had the power to turn any straight man into a gay man, it's you!"

Sin couldn't stop the smile that twitched to life on his face even if he wanted to. "I'll see you at school tomorrow Tiff."

"Sin…" Tiffany trailed off.

"Good night." Sin replied before hanging his phone up.

Today…no this whole week, had been hell. He could only hope that the weeks following would be calmer. But then again, he was now friends with Gabriel Waters.

He had a feeling nothing would ever be easy again.