Cannot Continue

And here we go, oh yet again
Another duel against me and you.
Here goes a battle neither can win
God knows this cannot continue.

What's the point of all the war?
What's the point of this debate?
What the fuck are we fighting for?
When the hell do we see the mistake?

For the love of God, open up your eyes!
For fuck's sake now, stop all these fights
Don't you know how slowly the time flies
Trying to prove pointlessly that you are right?

And I say this not just to you
But also to myself
Let's stop screaming ourselves black and blue
And put these fights on a far back shelf.

Goddamnit all, this isn't how this should be
Beating each other until we both do shatter...
When the fuck do we open our eyes to see
We're killing what's truly supposed to matter?

We must've fallen as low as low can get
It almost looks like we've just fallen apart
Staggering and stumbling with each verbal hit
Cannot be good for these wounded hearts.

I don't understand what causes the spark
That sets us into these aggressive flames
In the midst of the fire, I sit here in the dark
Feeling this heartache, feeling ashamed

That there's nothing I can say to restore
Us to the light-hearted way we used to be
I sit back and wonder how you can say you adore
Someone who can send you into a screaming spree.

For fuck's sake, the games are wearing me out
I'm convinced that I need to watch my back
Both my head and my heart are loaded with doubt
And think that affection and respect are lacked.

So here we go, yes, here we go again
With these ongoing battles between me and you.
Another war of words that neither will win...
Fuck knows that this cannot continue.