Rain. I always liked the rain. It cools the air and leaves a felling of freshness in the air. I remember that He always complemented my hair and gave a warm embrace after the after such an occasion, so yes I could say it also has its nostalgic sentiments as well. It seems like only yesterday that we were sitting on that far away beach shore when the storm came. WE both liked the Caribbean storms, they excited us, for in those days we feared nothing. It reminds us that we fear not the people, not the Northern Government, not the institutions that made us, but instead they feared us. Here we could be free and unafraid, just like the storm before us. Fierce and unstoppable. However these good things did not last and this is a time that is past. "We must cherish the past but not cling to it, for chase after something that is beyond you leave you tired and unaccomplished" that's something he always used to tell me when we used to reminisce about how things were before the "Great Conform" which plunged the world into stagnancy. That also is changing just like the land after the storm has subsided; for a new storm is coming but I fear that I will not be here to enjoy is passing for I have lived far to long and my chapter in history is on it's finally pages. The monstrosities that created me will soon ensue, and I'll be left as such.

I uncurl my sapphire hair and let is lay placidly against my ivory skin. The storm is coming and my people must be ready to ride it.