Dear Readers,

I want to apologize for basically disappearing off the face of the Earth. I honestly feel really terrible for keeping you all hanging for so long… but now I am here and I must give some news.

For various reasons, the primary one being that I really no longer have any interest in writing it, I'm discontinuing What I've Done. But fear not—something good is coming out of it!

I'm working on revamping Internally Yours into what I hope will become the published-novel version! (No, What I've Done will not be revamped and put in a complete format; I have no intention to publishing a sequel to Internally Yours if I'm lucky enough to get it published in the first place.) It will be darker and more angsty, and will have several different plot points from the version you all know… but to its core, it will still be the same story. And I'm so excited about it!

Now, hear this. It will take time for me to start uploading the revamp. I've already started on it, but I've only written the first two chapters. It's also going to take time because I'm now going to begin following a rule where I don't begin uploading a story until most or all of the story has been written in chapter form. I know that probably makes you all cringe a little, considering how long Internally Yours is now (and how long it took me to write it all even though I was writing it five chapters at a time), but it will ultimately be to everyone's benefit—you all won't have to wait such a long time for an update, since this method will allow me to upload on a very regular basis (monthly or bi-monthly, most likely) and I won't have to feel guilty for being so lacking in updates.

Thank you all so much for how much patience you've had (if you have any more at this point; ha ha), and I promise you it'll be worth it once you start reading the Internally Yours revamp when it starts getting uploaded! It's going to be so incredible and I'm so excited about it!

The Lost Phantom