I walk to the curb
Backpack in hand
Six thirty in the frickin' morn
And wait to start another year of
Torture and inferiority.

The yellow monster swallows us whole
And we ride the pockmarked roads
To the prison they call
"High School."

"Another one walks the green mile!"
I shout inside my head
As I trudge through muddy grass
To the doors of my new home,
At least for the best part of the next ten months.

Endless corridors twist and turn
Passageways to Hell,
And certain impending doom
I can feel the heat of the burning fires
Or maybe it's just the fact that
This place has no freaking air conditioning
And I'm melting from the heat of the sun
Shining in through countless windows.

Doors grow and shrink like in
Alice in Wonderland
And for a moment I wonder
If someone had slipped mushrooms
Into my orange juice this morning.

Faceless mobs stand around the
Too-small metal lockers
Blocking the way for other kids
And we'll be late for class 'cause those
Stupid jerks can't be bothered to
Move out of our way for once.

The bell rings
An ear-piercing shriek that
Scares the living daylights out of
Anybody who isn't deaf,
Or used to it.

My backpack is heavy with new school supplies
And this building is
Twice as huge as my middle school
Which was already quite large to begin with.

Can't find the right door
Who knew there'd be three floors?
The clock is ticking too fast for me
I'll be late on the first day,
Get a detention before even
Entering the classroom.

Running through the hallways
Time is running out
Gotta make it, gotta make it
That goddamn bell!
I'm lost in these endless hallways
And I'm late for biology with
The teacher who's supposedly the
Strictest it the building
And I don't have a hall-pass
So I'm totally screwed and

I found the door!!
But wait- it's locked.
Just my luck. Y'know, these days
I should just be expecting it.
The teacher opens the door
And I rush in and take a seat
With kids who seem much bigger than me.
The teacher says,
"Welcome to Physics!"

PHYSICS?!?! I'm in the wrong class
I feel so embarrassed that I
Grab my stuff and just sprint out the door
I run into the bathroom and I
I slip on some water and fall on my face.

What a klutz I am! I look in the mirror and
Perfect! My nose is
Gushing great rivers of blood
Onto my shirt and staining it
Crimson and I'll never be able to get it out
And I'm so frickin' late for class that

I don't even care anymore.
I slide my back down the wall and
Fall on my bottom and
Bury my face in my hands.
Only 948 days till graduation.

A/N: This is based on a recurring nightmare I keep having. I'm starting high school (tenth grade) in September and I guess this is what I'm afraid is going to happen. I know it's a bit overdone, but hey! It could happen.