AN: Ok, so this is a little confusing but the regluar text is normal, the other text (Centered and underlined) is the text message (a single message) and italics are speech.

This was written about a friend of mine who abuses prescription drugs. I had a nightmare that it would catch up to him one day and this was the end result.

I really hope that this doesn't happen to anyone and that if you have a friend abusing drugs/considering suicide or doing other bodily harm then you please get them help. They need it more then anyone knows.

He had sent out a text message. One to everyone he knew, words of apology etched in the digital pixels of a mini screen.

I'm sorry for doing this.

She knew immediately what was wrong and called him, he didn't answer. She tried again, and again and again. Leaving messages and letting him know, someone cares.

I can't deal with it anymore, please understand

He did answer, his voice was slow and weak.

Hey there. He said, something fading in his deeper voice. She let a sob finally escape her lips.

Please, don't do this, where are you? I'll come find you She pleaded into the phone.

It's ok. He said and she shook her head, even if he could not see her. I promise, you're all better off with out…

You fucking faggot. She snarled. Where are you?

I'll be found soon he said and hung up. The police had been alerted and she started her search, fleeing her house in tears.

It's not your fault and I know you're going to blame yourselves

She found him, passed out and barely breathing under the bridge. She screamed for help, cried and sobbed. Punching her hands into his chest and breathing for him

Wake up She would whisper to him. Please

It's not you, it never was. I made too many mistakes and I can't deal with it. I'm just not good enough.

They found her and his barely alive body thirty minutes later, she was heaving in dry sobs, her eyes red. They let her into the ambulance with him, her clutching his hand, begging and praying to deitys she didn't believe in.

I never was. You will be better off without me around to fuck it all up.

She fell asleep once they removed her from his hand. His parents watched her warily, who was this girl?

Hello Mr. Devon, Mrs. Devon. She whispered, her voice shaking.

Who are you? The older father asked, meeting the young woman's eyes. She fell into a barely controlled sob. His wife was shaking.

I'm Eveline. I talked to him…and was able to find him… She whispered, feeling like a failure.

I still want you guys to be happy.

Thank you Eveline. Mrs. Devon said into her husbands body. The father nodded in agreement and carried his wife towards a waiting room chair.

Mr. and Mrs. Devon, your son is awake A woman in turquoise scrubs said, her voice peppy. The two adults, both tear stained and hoarse voiced, stood and followed her. Eveline stayed still, staring at her cellphone.

Will you please be for my sake?

Eveline, he said he wants to see you. The nurse stood in the doorway again. Eveline followed the nurse back to the small room. He looked bad, his eyes lidded and hair matted. She swallowed and met his eyes with suprising defiance.

We'll give you a minute Mr. Devon scooped up his wife and lead her from the room. She was asleep.

You fucking faggot. She snarled, not giving him time to think. You made us worry, I thought you were dead!

You should have let me die He whispered and was met with her palm connecting solidly with his cheek.

Don't do this, ever again. She whispered, collapsing over him, tears jerking her body in small spasms. He tried to put his hand on her back but she moved too fast, shifting and resting her head against his chest.

I want you to know

Please don't do this to me ever again She said after a few moments. Just live and be happy, please. Please.

I love you. I always will love you. I'll miss you.

I…promise He said, letting his head rest against hers. Thank you.

Fucker She snarled back and he rubbed his other hand against her arm.