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Put on a Scared Face

Chapter 1-Cause or Effect?

Jessica Yariman entered the bar, and walked straight to the counter. She'd heard a lot about this place, both good and bad. One thing, was how good its drinks were. Though she wasn't particularly fond of alcohol.

She was brown haired, long and curly, and she had brown eyes. A round face with an amused, seductive grin. She was wearing a very tight black shirt, the top few buttons undone, showing the top of her bra-also black. She had a black skirt on, partway down to her knees.

The pub was quite busy, people intermingling, and drinking. Jessica saw an empty space at the bar, and went for it. On the seat next to her was a man, with dark hair, short, and blue eyes.

He turned to her with a smile.
"Hey beautiful." he said. "Can I buy you a drink?"

She smiled.
"Sure. I'll have a lemonade and lime." she said. The man turned to the bar, and ordered her drink, and the same for himself.

She studied him, looking him up and down.

When he finished, they talked, introducing themselves, talking about themselves. It turned out, Jessica was a twenty-seven year old actress, out of work at the moment, hadn't had a relationship for a long time. No brothers or sisters, and her parents lived quite a way away.

Whereas he was called William Storm, unemployed, but well off for some previous jobs. He was thirty-one, also with no brothers or sisters. His father was dead, killed in an accident a few years back.

They were getting on very well.
"Excuse me a minute, I need to go freshen up." said Jessica, with a smile.
She left for the bathroom.

* * *

"Wow, she looks nice." thought William. "She could be a good target… I wonder if she's single. Hopefully, this could be a profitable night."
Everything he told her was true, except one thing-he wasn't unemployed, he had a very lucrative job, with great perks, on the shady side of the law-that is to say, about as dark as the wrong side of the moon.

They talked for a while. William used his real name-Who was she gonna tell, she wouldn't get a chance if this went right-and found out that this girl was perfect. Not many close friends, no relationships, a little out of touch with her family. She was exactly right.

He could have cheered when she went to the toilet. He took her drink and, when no-one was looking, dropped a couple of pills inside.

This was going to be a good night.

* * *

Jess saw the man she was looking for as soon as she entered the room. One of her friends claimed he had put something in her drink, and she had a good idea why. She smiled.

Odd as it may seem to outsiders, picking up borderline rapists was her favourite hobby.
She approached him, and immediately got complimented, and offered a drink.

"This is the guy." she thought. "Now, what will he be looking for?"

She didn't need to lie much, she couldn't be bothered with relationships, and she hadn't spoken to her parents in months. She did have some close friends though, but he'd never find out.

But he wouldn't make a move unless he'd had a chance to spike her drink.
She went to the toilet, not that she needed it, and took a Pill. Not worth the risk, really.

She waited for a minute or so, and went back in.

* * *

Jessica came back into the main room and sat down with a smile. They continued talking, finished with introductions. They spoke about current affairs, how the war was going, politics, before speaking more about themselves, questions about their likes, dislikes, dreams for the future and the like.

It seemed that Jess was fond of cuddling up with a friend in the warmth and watching a film, but hated travelling long distances. Meanwhile, William enjoyed walking through parks, but disliked snap decisions.

Jessica professed a dream of starring in a hit film, and William admitted that he wanted a big house and a family.

After maybe ten minutes of this, William left for the toilet.

* * *

"This is going great." he thought. "The first pill should kick in soon, she'll be sure to come with me."

The first pill was a powerful aphrodisiac, and he'd used it many times to good effect.

The night was going perfectly.

* * *

Jessica 'accidentally' spilt her drink, and got another one. She didn't want to get drugged, just supposedly raped.
With that little problem solved, it was looking good.

The night was going perfectly.

* * *

"Sorry about that." said William, sitting back down.
"Oh, it's fine." said Jessica with a smile. "So, got any plans for the future?" she asked.
"Well," he said. "There's this beautiful girl I'm hoping to ask to come to my house tonight."

"This is it." they both thought.

"Oh?" asked Jessica. "Who's that?"
"Jessica, would you like to come back to my house?" asked William.
"I'd love to." she smiled.

* * *

"I love your house." she said.
"Well," he said. "I love you."

"It would be a risky gambit," he thought, "if it weren't for the aphrodisiac."
She kissed him, and he pulled her into the bedroom.

There was a large, double bed, in the centre of a small room. There was nothing else in there-it was a large house, things could afford to be elsewhere.

Jessica wasted no time. She sat on the bed, and pulled her shirt off, and then her bra.
William put his hand to one, squeezing it, and his other travelled down her skirt and into her cunt.

It appeared she wasn't wearing panties.
She groaned, and didn't resist as he pulled her skirt off, leaving her naked. He dropped his trousers and pants, and his cock sprang out. She smiled.
"Give it to me." she purred.

He was impressed, as always, by the power of the drug.
She was impressed at the gullibility of this man.

He pushed his dick at her mouth, and she willingly took it into her mouth, and licked down its length, her tongue running up and down, swirling around.
He gave s startled moan.

He hadn't expected her to be skilled-at best, she should have been out of practice.

But within a minute, he was hard, painfully so. He withdrew from her mouth, his member now slick with spit.

Her legs were wide open to receive him.
He didn't make her wait.

He plunged deep into her.
She gave a low moan, bucking her hips towards him, drawing him deeper in. He thrust again, even harder, and she shook with pleasure.
He didn't let up for a moment, until he came, squirting his load deep inside her, and collapsing on top of her.

Neither of them spoke for a while, panting heavily.

"Why is she still awake?" thought William. "The second pill should have kicked in by now…"

He pulled himself off of her.
"I've got a bit of a dry throat." he said. "Are you thirsty?"
Drowsily, she replied yes.

He left the room, retuning a minute later with two glasses of cold water.
Only seconds after she drank hers did she realise, as the drowsiness took her with it to unconsciousness that she may have been outmanoeuvred.

"Phew." said William. "I wonder why the delayed sleeping pill didn't work?"

He shrugged, and went into another room to get some necessary items.
"Oh well. That one worked. I'll get a good priced for this little slut."

* * *

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