Once More

The only sound that's heard is silence
And yet their nothing yells so loud.
The only feeling in the air is violence
Because both are just too proud...

Or is it rather that they're afraid?
Perhaps it's not a matter of pride.
Maybe they fear they cannot be saved...
And out of fear, instead they hide.

And they strangle their hearts with agony;
They'll be tortured in silence for hours...
Why do they hurt themselves so needlessly?
This love has become a struggle for power.

So many questions in the back of the mind
Of a person caught in such a web tangled...
Wrapped up in thoughts of being left behind...
Choking as the tears begin to strangle.

Staying up late because they cannot sleep
Staring into the dark nothing looking for relief
Screaming to themselves with pain running deep
But holding on desperately to one simple belief:

That they're forever meant to be together
That they're the perfect match
Without really knowing that their "forever"
Could possibly away be snatched

Because they simply refuse to yield
They both demand that they be right
It's left them upon a battle field
On which they hold all these fights.

And where is this field located,
This place that holds so much pain?
It rests upon two hearts devastated
And reflects in eyes pouring with rain.

The wager in these wars indeed is strong
The price to pay is extremely high—
For if these battles go on for too long
This love between the two may die...

And despite this fact, the fights show
Instead of signs of ever wanting to end
Offering up signs of wanting to grow...
The length of time with each war extends.

They stand up tall and yell with all their might
Refusing, not even once, to give in and surrender
Instead they both want to prove themselves as right...
Maybe one day their love they'll remember.

But instead they simply break away from one to two
Their hearts forever broken on the floor
Too focused on the righteousness they believe is true...
Here they go to fight once more.