A/N: OK, the "her" in the beginning is his ex and the friend I refer to is my brother (his best friend). I'm not good with titles so help me out, will ya? For now, I'm sticking with my friend's idea.

* * *

I've known you for years
But we haven't been friends long.
You were dating her
So talking to me was wrong.
You were a friend of a friend—
What was I going to do?
I did what she had hoped
And basically avoided you.
After a few fights,
The two of you split.
The danger of talking to me
Suddenly quit.
You said "hi" first
And I was in awe.
The wall between us
Was starting to thaw.
Sure, we were nice
To each other before,
but only when I greeted you
As I opened the door.
Over three short months,
Our friendship grew fast.
We even went out
And had a blast.
After that,
Things started to change.
Just hanging out
Seemed to be strange.
The friend that we shared
Was there all the time,
As if watching TV
Were some sort of crime.
We both got hooked
On the same wonderful treats
And "accidentally" sat next to each other
In movie theater seats.
But with all the flirting
That we do,
It's a little awkward
Being alone with you.
Like I said,
Our friend's always there,
Hanging out and pretending
That he doesn't care.
We talk a lot
When he's not around,
But then feel guilty
Like our secret's been found.
I confess
I want to know how you feel
But you change them often—
Which feelings are real?
I'm not in love
And I don't claim to be,
But everything is more fun
When you're with me.
I doubt anything will happen
But we'll still pretend.
Nothing should happen
for the sake of our friend.