dreams deferred,

i feel like i've myself down,

i look at people,

and they're always more accomplished than me,


so many attempts,

and i still feel failures only come from me,

i called it quits,

the younger generation has beaten me to the punch,


what am i worth to this world?

i feel like i've got nothing left to give,

everyone's better than me,

i can tell already,


i know that people are just being nice,

so i won't have to see that they,

look at me the same way,

just another 'plain girl',


where's my gift,

that i'm supposed to share?

i thought everybody got one,

was i just a mishap?


i'm just right under the 'success' mark,

and it doesn't feel nice,

if only i would have just pressed on,

maybe i coulda made something of myself,


but i still got the passion,

and it doesn't seem to be enough,

i'm looking at the things i used to do,

they make it looker easier everyday,


i try again,

and it always seems too late,

my standards of myself are get lower,

i can't do it,


it seems like another day is always the same,

the light shines brighter on those who deserve it,

does it even matter?

i've been told before that i'm not worth anything,


so, maybe they're right this time,

i feel crippled and broken down by society,

when is it my time to breakthrough?

i feel like it's never coming,


when's it my time?

when's it my time?


i want to keep my heart strong,

but it looks like it just gonna beat me down,

determination isn't for the fainthearted,

just tell me why?


somebody come and tell me,

what makes me special?

i don't even know anymore,

but i do know the last hope is dwindling down,


like a dream awaited.