I originally wrote this scenario after a conversation (or a few) with my niichan (older brother). All of these, or most of them, are his idea in some sort of way. I just wrote them down and made them this way lol. Hope everyone enjoys, cause I will be, hopefully, posting more as I write them ^^.


Hand in hand, Mark and I walked up to my apartment door. In my free hand was my key and newest Craft book niichan had gotten me. I knew he was all up for secrecy with the Wicca/Witchcraft stuff, but I had only been with Mark the whole time with it and honestly I didn't care what people would think. Mark didn't seem to mind. But then he was really slow to catch up on anything since he liked to stare at my breasts, a quirk I didn't like very much. So I asked niichan to come over for a little to meet him for once knowing he'd scare sense into him. Or him away. I didn't really care.

I let go of Mark's hand when we reached the door and I pulled him back a little. "There's some things you should know about niichan before you meet him."

"Like what, babe?" He looked me in the eyes and I felt surprise at that. Usually the eye contact came second to the staring at my breasts. "He's your older brother. I know how he'll be like."

I sighed. There really was no hope for this guy. At least I'd get a laugh or two in the next couple hours. "First off, you may want to watch where you put your eyes when you look at me. He will know if you're staring at my breasts and will…get you for that." I didn't know what to say besides "get you", but the words will work. "Second, niichan may be a little…psycho to you at first, but really he's a nice guy…" I waited a second before adding, "…sometimes…"

"Um…" He nodded. "Okay… Anything else?"

Inserting the key in I said, "Not really." The door came easily opened and before I knew it I was enveloped in a hug. I smiled and hugged back. "Hey, niichan."

"Greetings, dear sister!" He stepped back and I noticed he wore his "Voted Most Likely To Get All Psycho On Your Ass" t-shirt. Wonderful. "How is your health?"

"I'm fine." I came in a little so Mark could enter. "Niichan, this is Mark. My boyfriend."

"Hey," Mark said sticking out his hand. Niichan just nodded andMark dropped his hand. There was a silence as I closed the door pocketing my keys. My boyfriend looked around a little then gestured to the t-shirt my niichan wore. "Nice shirt. Haven't seen one like it before."

Niichan looked briefly down. "Oh, they gave us shirts that said what our problems were at the nuthouse – Um, I… Did I say that out loud? Sometimes the voices in my head confuse me and make me say things I shouldn't. Sometimes even do things if I haven't had meds." Suddenly he gripped Mark by the shoulders wide-eyed and appeared a little scared. "You don't know how that is like do you???!"

Mark looked at my pleadingly. "Jess…?"

"Niichan," I rested a hand on his shoulder and he let go of Mark who stepped back towards the door.

"Dear sister, do you know where my meds are?" asked niichan as I let him to the couch.

I nodded. "I'll get them later for you. Mark," I turned to address him but he was gone. The front door was open an when looking out of it I didn't see him. With a shrug I closed the door and joined niichan. He snuggled up against me laughing some. I smiled and hugged him. "Well done."