Her heart beat in her chest. Sweat poured down her face. Her new pink top was covered in grime, she had long since lost her shoes. She hid behind the brick column, panting, but trying to listen. Was he coming? If he was, could she get away fast enough? Tears poured down her sweaty, dirty cheeks. She knew that she wouldn't get away. Even if she could get out of here, he was so much faster, he would catch her in a second. She would die anyway. She would probably suffer more for attempting to get away. She had gotten away from him the first time, but he would catch her now. She would spend her final moments screaming in this dark damp basement.

Her racing heart jumped as the stairs creaked. His harsh voice rasped, "Come my precious, come to me." She whimpered, knowing that it would end soon. "I hear you precious. Come to me." Her fingers clawed at the brick behind her, as though she could somehow sink into it. He was at the end of the stairs, his footsteps echoing on the cool concrete. Her tears flew faster down her cheeks, and her fingers became bloody. She whimpered again as his footsteps neared her. "There you are precious." She screamed as he was suddenly beside her. She could smell his foul scent, and feel his strength as he grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to him. "Die now precious." He whispered, almost seductively in her ear.

She screamed again as he wrapped his harsh hands around her neck.

Should I make this the prologue and continue or leave it as is?