"Oh my god! Amanda, he's absolutely gorgeous!" Jenna sang, gripping her friend's forearm.

"Which one are we looking at?" Amanda asked her short brunette friend wryly. Jenna rolled her eyes at the tall blonde.

"Riley Zwicker!" Jenna whisper shouted, squeezing her friend's arm. Amanda cringed slightly, and looked over into the crowd of eating boys to pick out Jenna's newest victim, err, crush, Riley. Riley, the track star, was wedged between quarterback Micheal Phelps and Jeremiah Hazel, a member of the wrestling team. Riley was around six feet, blonde, blue-eyed and skinny. He wasn't bad looking, but he wasn't the usual gorgeous guy Jenna obsessed over either.

"He's cute." Amanda allowed, returning to her lunch.

"He is not just plain old cute," Jenna chastised her friend, "He's absolutely gorgeous, completely and irrevocably hot!"

"And two years older." Amanda reminded Jenna, who frowned. "He just turned eighteen remember? You turned sixteen a week ago." Amanda prompted.

"So? Age is but a number and love knows no bounds." She sighed.

"Spoken like a true romantic." Amanda said cynically, standing.

Jenna squealed and grabbed at Amanda. "And just where do you think you're going?" She demanded, like a mother who just caught her teenager trying to sneak out after curfew.

"I'm going to put my garbage in the trash, then I'm going to get my books for my next classes out of my locker. Lunch is almost over you know." Amanda looked pointedly at Jenna's untouched food.

"We," Jenna stressed the word, "Are still Riley watching, therefore, we cannot leave."

"Correction, you are the obsessed one, I still have my own free will." Amanda turned on her heel and walked away, leaving Jenna at the picnic table.

Amanda, after dumping the remains of her meal, strode down the halls to her locker. After entering the combo she stood and stared at all the pictures of her and Jenna that decorated the locker door. She and Jenna had been best friends since elementary school, and it was a case of total opposites as far as looks went. Amanda had always towered over her friend at 5'7, Jenna standing at 5'1. Amanda's fine blonde hair had always flowed like gold down her back, where Jenna's deep brown hair fluffed about her head. They'd had many of the same interests, and for so long they'd rarely been apart, but so much was changing now. Jenna had recently discovered the joys of the male species, and Amanda was afraid that she was going to go and do something stupid. Amanda and Jenna had turned the old stereotypes on their heads. Jenna, the brunette, struggled through classes, she was harebrained, adventurous, and would do anything for approval. Amanda sailed through classes like learning was as easy as breathing for her, she always liked to think things through, and she really didn't give a damn about what other people thought. Sighing, Amanda gathered her books as the bell rang.


Jenna stared after her friend's retreating back. Didn't Amanda understand that boys were important, and that Riley might just be the one? Boys had always yearned after Amanda, with her long blonde hair, baby blues eyes and body that looked like it just walked off the pages of a magazine, Amanda was every boys dream. Jenna had short hair that looked like someone cut it with a weed whacker, muddy brown eyes and she was chubby, though her mom insisted that it was just 'baby fat.' Jenna needed to know what having a boyfriend was like. She'd never had one, something she had only ever admitted to Amanda. When other girls asked, it was always a vague answer involving some 'guy from camp,' even though Jenna hated camp. Amanda just didn't understand!

Jenna was still brooding when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder, when Jenna saw whom it was, all thoughts of Amanda flew out of her head. In fact, it was anybody's guess if she could remember her best friend's name at the moment.

"You're Jenna, right?" Riley asked, leaning against the table. Jenna nodded. "Cool, cool. Look, I was just wondering, is that blonde girl single?" Jenna's heart plummeted. How did she know this would happen? Amanda always got the guy, always! For a moment, she thought about lying to Riley, saying that Amanda had someone.

"She's single." Jenna said.

"Great, Micheal will be glad."

HOLD THE PHONE! "You mean Micheal Phelps?" Jenna asked. Riley nodded the confirmation. Jenna burst out laughing.

"What is it?" Riley asked, looking confused.

Jenna took a deep breath and calmed herself down. "You've been here since, what, winter semester and you still don't know?"

"Know what?" Riley asked, still confused.

"Amanda and Micheal were going about this time last year, and Micheal tried to cheat on her with me. He was in the hospital for weeks."

Riley let out a laugh. "She's skinny as a rake and she beat up the quarterback?"

"No. Micheal only became so muscled after Amanda beat him up, but she could still take him."

Riley burst out laughing again. "Oh the poor guy, but this will give me control forever. Being beat up by a girl." He laughed again. "Priceless."

Angered, Jenna stood. "Just because Amanda is female doesn't mean that males are better than her. I bet she could take you, or that lame excuse of a wrestling team we have!"

Riley's face contorted into a mask of surprise. "I didn't mean it like that Jenna. I only mean that Mike has always seemed so macho, it's hard to imagine anyone beating him up."

"Just don't make the same mistake again, and I think I can forgive you." Jenna admitted, giving him a smile. To her delight Riley smiled back.

"Great, because you'd have to forgive me before I could ask you on a date." Riley said, flashing his white teeth. Jenna's heart faltered, and then picked up speed, racing along like a galloping horse. "So, since you forgive me, will you come on a date with me?"

"Of course Riley!" Jenna exclaimed, then chastised herself for seeming too enthusiastic.

"Awesome. Friday night, you pick the movie. Make sure it starts around seven." Riley flashed another smile, and both students jumped as the bell rang.

Jenna giggled. "Umm, classes. Gotta go." And she raced away into the school. Jenna barely made it to science in time. And when she did arrive, she didn't pay attention to the lesson, just occupied her time with doodling in her notebook. For example: Mrs. Jenna Zwicker. Jenna Marie Carter-Zwicker. Mrs. Riley Zwicker. After she had filled four or five pages, she ran out of paper. So she spent the next ten minutes eagerly awaiting history, where she could tell Amanda.

When the bell rang twenty-five students jumped to their feet and ran out the door before the teacher could announce homework. Jenna bounced down the hall, feeling as though she were floating on air. She was going out with her future husband in two days! She stopped dead. She was going out with Riley in two days! And she hadn't even thought of what she was going to wear, if she needed to buy something new, what style her clothes should be? Should she go for cute, flirty, sexy? Oh god! She shook herself from her trance and booked it down the hall. She and Amanda needed to do some serious planning. Jenna skidded into history, threw herself into her chair beside Amanda and began talking.


Amanda looked up, somewhat annoyed, from her book. Jenna's mouth was moving, and she was talking way to fast. "Calm down Jen, everyone can hear you but no one can understand you."

Jenna took a deep breath. "Riley Zwicker asked me out on a date!" Jenna squealed, causing many curious students to stare.

Amanda opened her mouth to tell them to mind their own business, when the teacher announced class had started. Not to be deterred, Jenna wrote a note.

We're going to the movies Friday. Isn't that romantic?

Yeah, just wonderful.

Amanda, why can't you be happy for me?

I am happy for you, Jen. I just don't want you to get hurt.

I'm a big girl, Manda. I can take care of myself.

I know, but I'm your best friend. You would worry about me too.

Yes, but you make it so hard when I remember what you did to Micheal last year. Speaking of which, Riley came over and asked if you were single . . . for Micheal.

Micheal Phelps wanted to know if I was single?

YEAH! Can you believe that? He totally wants you back.

He ain't gonna get me back. He'd better know that. He should know that.

You'd think that he would get the message after a broken nose, several sprains and many, many bruises. But back to me. Riley asked me on a date and I have no idea what to wear, what movie we should go to and I only have two days to figure it all out!

Calm down. It's a movie, wear jeans, T-shirt, a little eye make-up, some gloss, those little silver hoops and you are good to go.

NO! I cannot wear jeans and a tee on my first date with my husband.

He proposed?

Not yet, in four or five years he will though.

You plan on dating Riley until he proposes?

No, are you crazy? We'll have a crazy break up, screaming and fighting, the kind of argument you can hear for miles. I'll cry, and throw his things on the lawn (because we've been living together), and he'll leave. I won't see him for a year or two, and then I'll meet him on the street, another man on my arm. He will be single, and at the time, working. He'll be forced to tend to me and my new beau. But, when he seats us, and this is the time he's supposed to take our order, he will break down, start crying, get on one knee and propose. He will say, "I have loved you, and will love you forever. I have carried this ring around for as long as I can remember, and now, I beg of you, accept it, and me. I cannot survive any longer without you." I will sigh, and fall into his arms, while he stands and pulls me into a passionate kiss, and with tears in my eyes, I will put on his ring.

And what happens to the mystery beau?

I don't know . . . You can have him.


No, I mean it. It will be . . . Micheal Phelps! And he only went to me because he couldn't have you. But your marriage fell through, and you and your daughter will be out on the street. He will take you in and show you that he has changed since High School and he really does care. You two will fall in love and create a happy home for the both of you and your daughter.


Yes. Teenage mom, teenage marriage . . .

Glad to know you think that highly of me.

Don't be mad Manda. I don't think that way of you. Or of you with Micheal Phelps. He's such a creeper.

Yeah, he is. Remember he sent me flowers for every day he was in the hospital?

That was so weird! Who sends flowers to the person who put them in the hospital? Freak. So, what am I wearing Friday?

Jeans, T-shirt . . . I thought we already went through this.

And I thought I already told you I am not wearing a T-shirt.

Tank top?

UGH! I can't look too casual. Only you could pull of casual casual. I need something that looks relaxed, but completely hot!

A jean skirt?

Now we're thinking. Hmm, what about that blue top I bought last summer. You know, the one with the white polka dots?


But what if it's cold Amanda? I mean, it is early fall, and I don't want to look ridiculous, and it is a spaghetti strap top.

Blue top and capris?

Hmmm. I could go for the skater look with the black sneaks and the black pants that come to my shins . . . What if he doesn't like it though? And that outfit would only look complete with a hat, and we know I look horrible in hats.


AMANDA! You're not listening.

One, you're not really saying anything. Two, don't obsess. Just go in whatever you look best in and feel most comfortable in.

I don't look good in anything Amanda!

Of course you do Jenna. You just think you don't.

And I'm right! I look horrible in everything.

You do not.

Fine, if you are such a fashion expert, you pick out my outfit, and when he absolutely hates it and when I look absolutely horrible in it, you will admit you were wrong.

Deal, but I'm not wrong.



"I look horrible." Jenna complained, staring at herself in the mirror.

Amanda was lying on her bed flipping through a magazine. "You're only saying that because you don't want to admit that I was right that you look amazing in that outfit."

Jenna pulled on the bottom of her shirt. "I feel like an idiot."

Amanda moved her magazine so she could look at Jenna. "You are an idiot, but you're a well-dressed idiot."

"That's not very nice Amanda. And it's not helping my nerves." Jenna chastised, leaping onto her bed beside Amanda.

Amanda rolled her eyes. "I'm not very nice, Jen. You should know that by now. And you shouldn't have nerves! He's a guy, just like the million others out in the world. You're going to a movie. You're going to sit down in a chair, eat popcorn, sip soda, it will all be fine."

"Eat? Amanda, I'm not going to eat! I can't risk getting butter stains on this outfit, or spilling pop on it!" Jenna shrieked, bounding off the bed to stare at herself again.

"Oh, so now you're protecting the outfit." Amanda said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"The outfit has always been great, but not on me! It would probably look great on anyone else. Dark blue jeans, white lacy top with a light purple sweater, it's an awesome outfit, just not on me. And if you make me say that one more time I'll go naked!"

"No, you won't." Amanda sighed, barely even paying attention to her friend's theatrics.

"Okay, so maybe not. I'll set you up on a date with Micheal!" Jenna threatened, grabbing her brush from her vanity.

"Even you would go that low. He left me another note in my locker today. Amanda, darling, love of my life, please come on a date with me. So creepy."

"He's creepy. What earrings?"

"The silver ones. I wish he'd leave me alone already. I'd get a restraining order, but I don't think sticking notes in my locker could get me one."

"The big silver ones or the little silver ones? And it's always worth a shot."

"It'd be a very long shot. I'm just going to pretend he doesn't exist, and the little ones. The big ones are too flashy."

"You've been pretending he doesn't exist for months. Face it Amanda. The boy is not going to give up. I think I want to wear the big ones."

"So wear the big ones. He'll have to take the hint at some point, even his skull is not that thick."

"You said to wear the little ones! Do the big ones really look that bad?" Jenna held one of each up to a different ear and faced Amanda. "And, Amanda, he's Micheal Phelps. His skull is thicker than everyone else's."

"Just wear whichever ones you want. And stop saying that, I can hope! We shouldn't be talking about him anyway. I'm supposed to be pretending he doesn't exist, remember?"

"And you've been doing such a good job of it," Jenna turned away from Amanda and back to the mirror. "Big ones or little ones?"

"I thought we agreed that you would wear the ones you want. I doubt he's going to notice. And it's your fault that I've been talking about him."

"Sure, sure, blame it all on me," Jenna rolled her eyes. "And you don't know Riley like I do. He will notice."

"Jen, honey, you don't know Riley. Staring at him every day with goo-goo eyes doesn't count." Amanda said with her usual sensitivity.

"I know him enough to know that he's my soul mate!" Jenna gushed. "We'll be together forever."

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