we had time on our side.

what happened to that time?
did we throw it away willingly
or was it just lost?
was it stolen from right under us
or did we take it for granted?


i would say "i'm sorry"
if i thought it'd change your mind.

unfortunately, i know saying
i'm sorry
won't change a damn thing.

but maybe you could listen?


i have learned to love the lie.

i've come to believe this lie
that is my li(f)e.

(i've been pretending so long,
i'm not even sure what's real.)


you never gave us a chance to be.

i wish you had because
i l o v e y o u . . .

i didn't mean for you to run.
was i too blunt?
i just wanted us to be together.

was that too much to ask?


maybe you'll save my life.

all i need is for you
to open your eyes.

then maybe you'd see,
all i truly need is you.

(save me, please.)