you were the first to lie when we were not alright.

and you called me the liar?

i was always, always, one hundred percent honest
(with you, anyway).


the quiet silence just defines our misery.

we've said all that we can;
saying anything else will only lead to more hurt.

(we always knew we'd be the death of each other.)

just leave [before i break you down even further].


i watched, helpless, as you turned around to leave.

you never even bothered to explain
why you were leaving [for good].

you never even told me
what it is i [supposedly] did wrong.


'cause what don't get you, leave a mark on your back.

i've stopped trying to make things right, sure.

but that doesn't mean i've forgotten

- everything you have done,
the promises you made then broke,
all those times you walked away -

and that sure as hell doesn't mean i've forgiven.


and i wish i was wrong,
but love doesn't last too long.

i could have stopped it if i really wanted to.
(i wish i could believe that.)

i would do anything to go back in time.
(i would to change the outcome.)

i should have seen this coming all along.
(i really should have paid closer attention.)