The cuts I have ease the pain

The band I wear makes the bad memories go away

I get bad grades but I don't care

The one I love just isn't there

I go home and up to my room

To write this note of impending doom

I take the gun and pull the trigger

The next morning my picture is in the paper

The people weep but it's only for show

Cause they never knew me, my parents didn't even know

They saw the needle, they saw the knife

But the gun is what made them cry that night

I can't handle pain so end it I did

On my way up to heaven the angels looked down

Their bright eyes were dim, their pale faces drawn

God even asked me if I wanted to go back

I told him no but asked him a favor

If my loved one could live with a memory of me

He said okay and sent me back down

Where I told my love a memory sweet and sound

When I was done I went back up

Where I grew wings and waited until dark.