Forward Falls

Can you find the news to tell me what tomorrow's life may bring?

It could keep me holding on, today, to hope for some great thing.

Am I eager, as a donkey, reaching for the day to come,

Time's great carrot, ever dangling, lest the knowledge leave me numb?

If I'd known the things I'd go through, back in 1989,

Would I then have turned and ran, to reinvent my own timeline?

Would the 20 years from then 'til now, have run a different course?

Would those outcomes turn out just the same, with unrelenting force?

Do I really want that much to see the road that lies ahead?

Or perhaps I'm better waiting for those things now left unsaid.

If I'd altered what went on last year, and left out all the pain,

Would the lessons I once learned back then, rise up to block my train?

Are complexities of happenstance too vast and fast, to duck?

Could I know if things improve, or would the means then come unstuck?

Are we worlds away from wonders, which will change how we perceive

All the mysteries of the losses we've no choice to make, but grieve?

Still, analysis (of accidents on roads, where bumps destroyed

Those itineraries of yesterday) tells which roads to avoid.

When the warning signs on future roads are clearly painted red,

It could save another desperate round of crying in my bed.

Empty vessels don't go sinking, since they've not been weighted down,

With such dreams and hopes of passengers, whose use of every noun

Will denote the things they cherish. So they have to make the most

Of the likelihood of ups and downs and calls to rollercoast.

So I guess I'd rather not know, just embrace each coming day,

With some wisdom (from the days gone by) called back and put in play.

There's no short cut into futures, as they still don't yet exist;

But we'll get there just by waiting, and the chances won't be missed.