Grand Pop

At four years old, a Grandpa visit saw my young eyes glow.

He took my Mum and I to Sydney's Royal Easter Show.

He bought a large balloon for me, a sphere as tall as I,

And took us home, with lots of noon day heat up in the sky.

That heat or gravel on the drive then caused a mighty pop.

I cried for my balloon's remains. Then Mum asked me to stop.

I played on our veranda, and my Grandpa said goodbye,

And I forgot about that incident, which made me cry.

Then three hours later, he returned (in middle afternoon),

And walked along the drive, with an identical balloon.

He'd gone right back to Kensington, and paid the entry fee

A second time, to buy another one for infant me.

My disappointment stayed with him, when that balloon had burst.

He put himself in last place then, and moved me up to first.

So that's the kind of man he was, and we were all inspired:

He worked for several charities, long after he retired.