Rides Not Taken

(1)If you'd found a way to hold your own against the playground bully,

Would you go to school reunions now, and share old classroom tales?

If you'd opened up, so counselors could understand you fully,

Would the knowledge they'd acquired have taken more wind from your sales?

(2)If you'd stood up to your father, when he made you go to Uni,

Doing courses you detested, would you like your new career?

If you'd gone to the gymnasium, when ladies called you puny,

Would you soon have gotten married to the one you thought was dear?

(3)If you'd worked your own agenda, and then gone the extra distance,

Would that usage of your time have given you a just reward?

If you'd left the church's leadership to other working Christians,

Could some social life nostalgia moments of those days be stored?

(4)If you'd tolerated evil, when the time had come for battle,

Would you now retain some friends, who then became the foes you fought?

If you'd been content participating in the pointless prattle,

Would you now feel more accepted, less alone and overwrought?

(5)If you'd pushed aside your limits, thinking they could be exceeded,

Would you make the roadways safer, as you struggled at the wheel?

If you'd gambled with your destiny, when hesitance was needed,

Would the period to follow have been less of an ordeal?

(6)If you'd listened to the voices, who determined what was trendy,

Would you know yourself today, while drowning in the status quo?

If you'd thrown out childhood literature, like Peter Pan and Wendy,

Would your adult way of life enable you to truly grow?

(7)Would attempts to make lasagna not be misconstrued as arson,

If you'd done a course that taught you how to imitate a chef?

Would these skills have brought you and your girlfriend closer to the parson,

If you'd settled down, before your time in nightclubs turned you deaf?

(8)Are you just the final product of the choices you decided,

Back when you were far too young to take your whole life by the reins?

Do you shoulder blame for errors made, when help was not provided,

When you found yourself depending on your instinct and your brains?

(9)If you had the chance to start again, and take the road not traveled,

Would the outcome take you closer or still further from your goals?

If the tapestry of threads that were your life became unraveled,

Could you sew them back together, without leaving any holes?