Undersea Odyssey

Disillusionment with underwater suburbs took its toll.

He would swim in his direction, still discouraged by the shoal.

From the seas, he came, and learned that he could also breathe on land.

He then played with heat, above the surface, often getting tanned.

If he thought he couldn't fit in far below, his new surprise

Was the constant culture differences he chose not to disguise,

In this world above the ocean, where the flirting 69

Would forever put their hearts and lives at risk with love and wine.

He'd found meaning in the depths, where lots of depth would stand to mean,

That its cool baptizing water once had washed him fully clean.

Now the dust and dirt and mud on land was leaving lots of soil

On his outer garments, causing them to fall apart and spoil.

After 8 or 9 years, trying to find encounters or a bond,

He was injured, and he felt the call from seashores and beyond,

To return to where he'd come from, with commitment to remain;

Where doubloons (that he would hope for), came from no place quite like Spain.

Then, with trepidation, on the edge of lands he'd just survived,

He then stood upon the rocks, looked at the sea, and slowly dived.

For a while, he felt the upper world still tainting him within.

Then he took to his own element, as though he'd grown a fin.

Now the Temple in the Depths had gained new citizens, whose cheers

Made him feel he'd known those people well for months or even years.

He renewed his hopes, and felt a special harmony down there.

His new friends had subterranean caves they gladly chose to share.

What was just around the corner from the plankton or the kelp?

He would patiently anticipate, with dreams he couldn't help,

In the meantime his environment was tailored for the soul

He'd attempted to deny, when he'd lost hope in his real goal.