He flips the switch

And light leaves the room

Heat has dissipated along with it.


It seems so cold.

He stands on one side of the room, by the lightswitch

And I on the other, with no windows

He takes one step

And without touching me,

Immobilizes me.

He's a magician in that respect

Able to do so many things without physical contact

I see it coming but can't stop it

It frightens me

And I can't escape

I'm having a heart attack

Can't breathe anymore

If he wants to kill me, he should do it quickly.

Maybe, though, this feeling is not that

Of dying

The emptiness starts to fade

As he draws nearer and nearer toward me

It's a similar sensation

And the stomach acid quenches itself

A whisper:

"You're so close…"

I haven't moved a step but

The distance between us starts to close

The emptiness is leaving now

My heart must be surrendering

And I think I have high blood pressure

It's harder to breathe now

With you so close

Though the heat of my body seems to have

Followed that which slipped out of the room.

My ivtal signs seem all gone

And as I feel a gentle touch

Everything seems to


And then

It melts.

I wonder mildly how it's possible

To feel like I'm dying and immortal at the same time

It's amazing to sense

The absence of the emptiness

Filling up the room


The sensation is terrifying

I'm frightened and i

Tremble with your touch

I wonder how I stayed alive if I

Couldn't breathe?

It's amazing how as we break apart,

You made the earth move somehow,

For though the light is still turned off,

The darkness fills the room,

Pushing Empty away.

You're a magician of sorts.

18 January 2007 Monday