Being in love?
I wish that was as easy to do.

she had no idea
that she was loved

She had relationships, but never real love
"I guess that love was never in the cards for me"
she would whisper as she daydreamed of what love might be.

he wished she was his
but she never looked his way

He had her friendship, and was fine with it
"I suppose it wasn't meant to be, but she really is perfect for me"
he repeated in his mind as he daydreamed of what her love might hold.

the year came to an end
and he was her best companion
and she was still in his mind, but as more

they talked and talked day in and out
and in his heart was the secret
just wishing to come out!

oh brain of mine stop fretting!
the time to tell her is now,
it's better than just regretting,
by keeping it to myself
he lifted his spirits, his courage was high!
she was suprised when she read it,
to this day she can't forget it.

with timid words she learned to love
but only because he was brave
how could she be blind for so long!
the idea kept swimming in her brain.

"i'm sorry dear it took so long
for me to come to you,
my eyes were not clear,
but now they are open wide
i can see what i want now,
and it's you by my side."

his response cannot be explained
since no one has ever seen such in a boy
he bit his lip with flushed cheeks,
and shook in fits of joy.

the future is bright,
and the days are long
but they go rather quickly
when you are in your own love song.