Me and I Writer Friend of mine have decided to to create two separate stories


The sound of roaring engines filled his head, the repeating grinding and teething of machinery was all he could think of.

There was no question, it was making his old war wound ache, which in turn made his kneecap hurt. He opened his eyes to see the Production Manager yelling at him.

As he began to focus on the manager's sweaty face, the noises muffled and the shrieking of the manager became loader.

He was yelling something in Spanish.

It took him a while to remember how to speak it. "What the Fuck where you doing? Sleeping!? In this line of work we don't doddle around all night and sleep during the day!" Rex's kneecap was still hurting but he managed to mutter "This Line of work! I wasn't supposed to be doing this line of work!-"The Manager rudely stuck his hand in Rex's face.

Interrupting him.

"Yes, Yes, We've all heard your ever amazing war stories. But the wars are over! Rexson. Now get back to work! Or I'll send you out to crisp in the desert."

Rex rolled his eyes, and cursed under his breath. The Manager caught this little act of defiance, "Ah, don't test me Rex." He says and he slithers over to another employee who was watching instead of working and starts yelling at him. As the heat began to rise in the factory, he closed his eyes again. He knew where all the parts go, feeling with his hands he began placing each piece in its proper position. Lifted and tugging at them.

He let his mind wonder to the "War of Ice" he recalled the great cold that swept through him; the wind was as fast and as deadly as an unguarded IFV Regulator.

Then suddenly, a bullet whizzed by his head, jolting back he opened his eyes.

He was back on Pluto. Making no sense of this a hand grabbed him by the shoulder. It was First Lieutenant Samuels. "Duck the hell down, you crazy son of a bitch." He looked down and on his Left Arm was his old Rank and Name "Staff Sergeant Rexson Haeworth IV"

"What the hell was that LT?"

Samuels didn't bother to look at him, he just spat out a chunk of tobacco. Getting up from the iced over Foxhole, he started shooting. "I'll tell you what that that was you idiotic sandbag, it was a bullet aimed right for your dog tags. Now pick up your damn Rifle, and kill me some of these fucking Icelovers!!" Rex laughed with the lieutenant "Ah, Sir!"

The Nanites in their bloodstream kept them all from dying of Frostbite, they enhanced a lot, Kept them all focused.

The new recruits have a habit of overusing them, and exceeding their limits. In doing so their bodysuits caused them to have what is called "Power Surges". They would start to drool at the mouth, and yell curses at the enemy. The Recruit named Fredov was stabbing at the snow and yelling at the Icers.

Rex looked at Samuels and back to the recruit.

The Lieutenant sighed, he's seen to many good soldiers die because of these machines. "I've seen this Recruit during his training; he'll give them a run for their money." Rex knew this was true Fredov wasn't a small man. The videos he saw of the trainees, he remembered this one. The damned fool took out an entire wall in the training arena.

"Let him loose staff Sergeant" Rex and Fredov dropped their rifles and jumped over the barricade. A sharp pain ran through his hand, the barbed wire jabbed into his hand, he ignored it; the nanites will eventually heal it.

Fredov ran with astonishing speed, ripping through blockades and walls. Rex Watched as his friend Freda began beating the enemy infantry to a bloody pulp. They were starting to get dangerously close to the range of the enemies WC-M's. The Warrior Class Mech's are not invincible, but they were harder to take down. Thankfully Fredovs Nanites were overloading enough not to kill him. "Now be careful Freda! Remember go for the legs!" Rex had only seconds to yell this before an Enemy soldier tried to jab at him with his L-Blade. Rex Dodged it, weaving behind him he snapped the soldiers neck.

Fredov in his Nano-Mad state had already taken out on of the WC-M's and was working his way towards the remaining.

Rex didn't anticipate what was to happen next. A WC-M tore throw the building to his left, its immense leg caught him in the ribs. Launching him 30 feet into the air, and landing atop one of the enemy Mech's. As he flew passed the cockpit the pilots looked up at him, he gave them a wave and a smile.

He landed with a clank, now that the pilots know he was on top of the Mecha the head moved back and forth. Making it hard for him to stand straight. He shoved his arm through their guidance systems, making the mecha incapable of motor functions. The heavy Armored Mech began to wobble uncontrollably before landing face first into the snow.

Rex jumped off the smoking WM-C, to see his friend Fredov covered in a mix of blood and motor oil. He was panting and laughing hysterically. "Damn Freda!" as they walked back to the LT, they were both laughing and joking about how easy it was. Their comrads were all cheering. Even the Lieutenant with a cigar in his mouth was smiling. Fredov looked at Samuels and asked "Sir, May I please return to the ranks" Samuels smacked Fredov's shoulder. "Of course you can son. But first maybe you should go see the Doc about your little Nanoshortage problem." Rex jumped on Freda's back as he said "Ah, sir."