Ever since that day,

I first laid eyes on you,

My heart's been doin' flips,

I don't know what to do..

You take my breath away,

Making my head spin,

Don't even wanna fight it,

Baby I give in..

We have grown so close,

In these passing years,

I need you in my life,

So much it brings me tears..

You've got me so wrapped up,

I dream of you at night,

Just how you described it,

Our love was at first sight..

You occupy my mind,

Til I wanna scream,

You brighten up my world,

My personal sunbeam..

So much I wanna say,

To tell you how I feel,

Just need to let you know,

That what I feel is real..

Will you be with me,

For the rest of ever?

I'll be by your side,

I will leave you never..