It's been eight hundred thirty-eight days,
Seven hours,
And fifty-five minutes since you left us,
And yet, my heart still longs for you
Just as much as it did that solemn Thursday.

I remember all the times we'd shared
Like the time you said you were actually
An angel named Hitaki, whom we called Taco,
And you'd switched places with the real Mattie
And that the most awkward part of being a male angel in a female body
Was having to change in the locker room with all the other girls.

I remember how you'd wanted to run away.
Did you run away, Mattie?
Is that why I've lost you?
No. It's that you're just not here anymore
And you're never coming back.

I remember the characters you'd liked to draw.
You always named them.
They were quite amazing, actually.
I still have your farewell drawing.
I keep it in a safe place where I can find it when I think of you.

I remember your extremely long but hilarious story.
I was going to type it up for you.
But you left us, and now your story will never be told.

Who knows where you can be now?
You might have drifted to Hawaii.
It's the only state your mom never lived in,
The place you've always wanted to go.
Are you still out there, roaming?
Or have you moved on?

I tell you this, Mattison Joy Crystal,
I will not forget you.
It's been two years,
Three months,
And sixteen days
Since that fateful Thursday afternoon,
And still, I love you all the same.