Though I only knew you for but a month,
The hole in my heart will last forever.
One short month between Mattie's departure
And yours.
I will remember you until the day I die.

I remember how you always liked meat,
And you'd take a turkey cube from me at lunch
At the table where Mattie used to sit.

I remember how you read Harry Potter in secret
For your parents believed it was evil.
You'd read up to the second book.
Now you'll never get to finish them.

I remember you walking down the hallways with me
And suddenly you'd put your arm around me and said,
"You're my best friend,"
I'd felt like I could fly.

One short month I knew you,
And suddenly you'd left us forever.
I'd lost two people in one short month
And I couldn't cry anymore.
I'd sat in silence for you
Remembering the month we'd shared together.
If only it could have lasted longer.

I still have your last drawing.
I keep it safe alongside Mattie's
In a place I keep things dear to me.

And so, Amanda Maier,
Let me tell you this:
Though you've really left for good,
You're always in my heart.
Farewell, best friend.