Bloody Mary, I can see.
Won't you come and live with me?
Together we can haunt the graves
And make sure every child behaves.
Through fear of being turned insane
Or never seeing day again.
Maybe they'll drop dead instead
Or have their eyes clawed from their head.
For Mary, darling, you've been hurt
And seek revenge from 'low the dirt.

Your nails, they used to be so strong
But scratching at the wood so long…
The coffin lid is now their bed
And from the torn up flesh you bled.
You tried to ring the graveyard bell
But from its rusty perch it fell.
In the morn your father screamed;
He'd buried you alive it seemed.
He lifted you straight from the ground
But just a bloody corpse he found.
With open eyes and sallow skin
And simple emptiness within.

Decades passed and now you're back
Your face, so scarred, is veiled in black.
And in the parallel you wait
For some poor soul to take the bait.
Whisper to the mirrored glass
And watch with fear as shadows pass.
A bell will sound and you'll arrive
Upon their pain your soul will thrive.
With you in death I long to be,
Oh Bloody Mary, come to me.

A/N: Don't you just love a good legend? ;D

I fear this poem is rather simplistic… but as far as the penultimate line goes -- "With you in death I long to be" -- this doesn't mean that I am writing as Mary's lover or anything… lol. Just written from the perspective perhaps of someone who wishes to haunt little children and lie in a grave for all eternity :D

Oh, and I have written this from my favourite version of the legend -- that Mary was a doctors daughter who fell ill and was pronounced dead. She was buried with string tied around her wrist that was attached to a bell so that she could alert someone if she was still alive. Which she was. So she rang it and rang it but no-one was there and eventually the bell fell over so she started to scratch at the lid of her coffin, so much that her nails came off and she became covered in blood, hence Bloody Mary, and died.

She either died of her alleged illness, died of blood loss or was simply scared to death. It was likely a combination of them all as she 'scares people to death' and 'claws out their eyes' when they call her. Her father found her the next day after seeing the overturned bell and digging her up. This is of course just one variation of the Bloody Mary legend.