Okay, honestly guys, I really don't know whether I can continue this story anymore.

God, I'm really sorry for leaving it off on such a cliffhanger (you have no idea—a reader myself, cliffhangers are the bane of my life, so this is me being a HUGE hypocrite right now). It's just that, I wrote this story years ago, back when I was still in high school. Now I cringe when I re-read it and... it's just not my style anymore. I really still like the plot, but it just... needs a major overhaul.

I'm really sorry. I know you guys are still waiting, and god I can't believe you still are, but I definitely promise from now on that I will only post stories that I've already finished, so as not to disappoint you guys further.

So... yeah. I may come back to it, but then I'd need to completely rewrite it. I'll miss the characters, so I dunno if I'll ever continue this. I'll definitely let you guys know though, whenever I want to do a whole rewrite.