Another one of my many songs. This one was written a little over the year ago, and it's based on a couple of slightly exaggerated true stories. I really liked it back then, and I haven't turned on it yet, so here it is, for a handful of people to (hopefully) enjoy.

Flashback, two months ago

She's figured it all out

She knows what she's become

Relax, she's got a long way to go

You're still a liar now

You swore that you were done


You sure don't make things easy with all your trying

Try to resist, or else you'll watch her dying


Do you know that she's not sorry for all that she believes?

And she's been looking for a reason she should leave?

And you've been hiding from all you've ever seen?

That's not the girl that she should be


Flashback, two years ago

She had it all and more

Then she drove it all away

Lay back, she knows where she wants to go

You need to close the door

Before she's led astray


She's gotten too accustomed to all the lying

Lying is easy when you're sure you're dying


Do you know that she's not sorry for anything she's done?

And she was lucky to lose the other ones?

And you're all worthless the way you have become?

See, this is her idea of having fun


She's angry 'bout all that they told her

She only gets bolder the more that they scold her

Faith keeps getting older and older and older


Life is pretty pointless with all the crying

Cry when she's dead, not when you think she's dying


Do you know that she will make you feel what she has felt?

And she will force you to play the cards you've dealt?

And she's okay with ending up in hell?


And do you know that she's not sorry for anything she's said?

And she can handle solitude again?

And she's been dreaming all of you will turn up dead?

She knows it would be perfect in the end