The pair of helpless eyes stared at me. And I returned it with mutual feelings. I took another step forward and then another. Soon, I was barely an arm length away from her. Her hazel eyes projected all of her emotions, from fear to sadness. It would have broken her if she knew who I was. It would have been worse than stabbing her without her knowing who I was. As I thought of the moments of childhood we spent together, a wave of guilt swept through me. With that, I faltered. I started to step back. All I wanted to do was run away and start my life again. To forget all the nightmares I have done. How good would it be if I could relive my life?

"Lisa Wellings, you better not chicken out again," someone shouted and all I wanted to do was turn around and stab my knife into that person instead. I looked at her, fearing her reaction. It turned from fear to anger. I could practically feel her anger boiling.

"Oi!" And I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to get out of here, quickly get this done with. The voices started to come back. It was everywhere. I couldn't take it anymore and burst into tears.

Choking out a "sorry," I charged forward, my instinct screaming and telling me to stop. I wanted to pull back, but was too late. The knife pierced through her; her heart, our friendship. And the last thing I saw from her eyes was hatred.