So this is the girl who inherited my ex lover
It's quite funny to see such a person
Who in turn reflects the beauty I once saw
The beauty I once turned away for doubt's company

Betrayed by doubt and searching for a saviour
I sift through old memories for some glimmer of you
I need to find a momento from that time we shared
Which I so foolishly ended to chase a dead hope

It's crazy how much I can miss you now
How time works in funny ways so that I realise
All too late when we have grown away and apart
Letting you go was such a mistake to make

But even now we are so far away in time and distance
Could we even find our niche again in our embrace?
All those words I rashly erased from my heart
Could we rewind one day and play it over again?

So I will tell you in words that will be washed away
By tides of fantasies and dreams that mirror my own
I never should have said goodbye to your heart
Because I think a part of mine never really let go.

I write this in the hope that some day, he may read this and know how much he really did, and continues to mean to me.