The Perfect Pet
by Sarah Nemcik

I wanted a pet to care for

Who loves unconditionally forevermore

I started with two goldfish

But in two weeks they went swish

However I was not at all deterred

And went to look for something furred

Picked a hamster, a fur-ball

All's well until he climbed behind the wall

A parrot next, so bright and bold

By a drafty window he died of a cold

Now try a sleek, well-groomed cat

Died later from poison left out for a rat!

Oh, now I shall try man's best friend

One chew on some Christmas lights and that was the end.

Still I persisted on with my pet quest

And now I have found one that for me is the best

This pet is always there for me

It is the best of company

It is never sick or hurt

And will sit on my desk oh so pert.

It really is a perfect pet, and my friend

I'll have my pet rock until the end!