my heart is aching,

and nothing i ever say comes out right,

all that ever happens is a fight,

i don't like the feeling of breaking,



please come by and tell me it's alright,

because i'm slowly losing it,

it's not okay,


slowly getting,

to the point of no return,

something's telling me that nothing's,

ever gonna change,


that news makes me never want to come back again,

somebody come along,

and please pick me up again,

i could just use another helping hand,


there's gotta be a reason,

why it's all coming back to me,

there's gotta be something,

better in the making,


i think there's been enough hurt for a lifetime,

please just let it stop,

but it's not like anyone cares,

nothing matters anymore,


i've got all the worries in the world,

and no one to break it off to,

i have more love to give,

but no one to share it with,


my life is filled with holes,

and disappointments,


and breaks,


i want someone to just,

believe in me

everyone's being a fake,

i can't trust anyone.