i cannot sleep when my mind is active
and tonight it is out of control
my senses are all awake
and i desperately need the rest.

oh sweet heavenly scent of old incense
smoke dancing past my motionless face
it smells new and better with every inhale,
go to sleeeeep!

i can hear footsteps pace the hall
and it makes me nervous every night
why? i have no idea.

the taste of my mouth is of stale mint
though my senses seem to be blending
i swear i can taste the pirouetting smoke
strange, i know.

i can feel almost nothing
except for my own breath on my top lip
and it makes me think of you,
though, that isn't very different at all.

i'm trying not to see anything
it would provoke too much thought
but i keep re-reading old journal entries
with only the light of the computer in the distance

it will take hours to wash these thoughts out
and yet, i wish i could hold onto them a little longer..
soon my mind will become an aray of dreams
that i'll forget by afternoon, such a shame.

what can i smell? taste? hear? feel? see?
these are the thoughts of a restless night.
under the blanket, with drooping eyes
if i told you i didn't enjoy this, i'd be telling lies.